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FCLRTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 375. 1882. 195 Qnited States, and of docks that may be constructed by private individuals, corporations, or other parties, and clearly defining the same under the direction of the Chief of Engineers, United States Army; and the_Secretar·y ot War shall report to Congress the result of said examination, and the estimated cost of the proposed improvement; also what legislation, if any, is necessary, to prevent encroachments being made ordxgaiptained within the limits of the channel designated as above provi or. · Improving harbor at Chicago, Illinois: Continuing operations at out- chicago Harside harbor, dredging in outer harbor, and constructing exterior break- borwater, two hundred thousand dollars. Improving harbor at Waukegan, Illinois: Continuing improvement, Waukegan Hartwenty thousand dollars. bm'- Improving Quincy Bay, Illinois: Continuing improvement, fifteen Quincy Buy. thousand dollars. ' ‘ Improving harbor at An Sable, Michigan: Continuing improvement, · An Sabre Harnve thousand dollars. · lm- - Improving ice-harbor of refuge at Bell River, Michigan: Continuing Ice harbor ofref operations for removing bars, five thousand dollars. uga B¤U Bivvr Improving harbor at Black Lake, Michigan: Continuing operations, mack Lake Harten thousand dollars. lwr- Improving harbor at Charlevoix and entrance to Pine Lake, Michi— Charlevoix Hargan: Continuing improvement, ten thousand dollars. g bor- Improving harbor at Cheboygan, Michigan: Continuing improvement, Cheboygan Harten thousand dollars. _ lm'- Improving harbor at Frankfort, Michigan: Continuing improvement, I•‘ranlr:fort Harilfteen thousand dollars.Mf- Improving harbor at Grand Haven, Michigan: Continuing improve- Grand Haven ment, forty thousand dollars. · H¤l•¤1‘· ` Harbor of refu ge at Grand Marais, Michigan: Continuing operations, Grand M arais forty thousand dollars. h=¤b¤1‘ of ¤>i'¤s¤· Harbor of refuge at Lake Huron, Michigan: Continuing operations, Lake Huron harseventynve thousand dollars, of which twenty-nve thousand dollars, ¤¤¤¤f¤=f¤s¤· orsomuchthereofasmaybeneocssarymaybeusediudredgingthe _ bar in the middle of the harbor. - _ · Improving harbor at Ludington, Michigan: Continuing improvement, I-¤d¤¤.·;¤¤¤ Hartwglnvethousmnddohazs m _ 005 _ _ t,"°;m_st H provingharbora Mani] chrganz n nmng unprovemen . n ec ar-- nfteen thousand dollars. b°'· Improving harbor at Monroe, Michigan: Continuing improvement, M¤¤¤>¤ Harborone thousand dollars. Improving harbor at Muskegon, Michigan: Continuing improve- Muskegon Harment, twenty-nve thousand dollars. _ b°"· Improving harbor at Marquette, Michigan: Repair of existing works, Marquette Harsixtcen thousand dollars. _ _ _ _ b°’· Improving harbor at Ontonagon, Michigan: Continuing improve- Ontqnagon Harment, twenty thousand dollars. _ b°’· . ` Improving harbor at Pent Water, Michigan: Continuing improve- Pe¤tWnterH•r·· ment, ten thousand dollars. _ _ b°'· Improving mouth and harbor of Cedar River, Michigan: Continuing Cedar River imgrovement, iitfteen tholusand daplllags. M b C0 tm _ H;'b°*; uk arbor of re nge at ortage e, ic igan: n ’ ning improve- or nge ¤ ment, twenty-five thousand dollars. _ _ _ h“"b°’°f “‘f"!°· Improving harbor at Saint Joseph, Michigan: Continuing improve- S•intJoseph ment of river and harbor at Saint Joseph, and of channel ending up Hmm to and including Benton Harbor, twelve thousand dollars, . r ' Improving harbor at Saugatuck, Michigan: Continuing improvement, smgaumk mrln ~ V ~ 1’ 86 It 5VOH. i iglm: mug Sou sven it in iirxiIr(L.i“m·SothH Meh Contin‘ improve-bu. thH rnongwngrwgthmmnd dollars. And three thousand dsnlars for romcv· ,H·¤¤¤= ing ‘ `L actions in and dredging cl:annel_of riverr to 4-;,,.,,.;,, 3,,- mpwtbg harbor at Thunder Bay, Michigan: Continuing improve- Harm, w