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310 FOBTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 433. 1882. Mouth cfDct¤>il= For constructing a. light-house, and for the establishment of n steznn Ri"!'- fog-signal in connection therewith, at or near the mouth 01 the 1)etru1t; River, in Lake Erie, twenty thousand dollars. _ Sigel. ew., Port- For purchasing u site for the light station at Portage River, Luke Sn-

  • 8** "°'· rim-, Michigan, one thousand dollars_. _ _

Lime Point, har- pcFor the establishment of a. steam fog-signal on Lxme Pomt, mg the en-

’i‘;0°f 8**** Fm" trance of the harbor of San Francisco, 0nlii'0rnin, twenty thousand

' dollars.

 lights, For establishing cine or more electric lights at Hell Gate, New York,

. twen thousand 0 lars. _ mmgiugal land, Totpurchuse additional lnml for the site of Gohnnsey Light Station, . 0 B ugh 8,35:: W New Jersey, one thousand dollars. I ml::! Isl¤,D¤tmit mTn eolzpllete t;he_l1%1)t-house elnltihe northern end of Belle Isle, Detroit - ver c ngnn mx cuszm 0 nrs. MLM1e Traverse Fm] the erectincn of a. light-house in Little Traverse Bay, Michigan, ¥· fifteen thousand ollars. Lights, eu. For the establishment of such lights, day-beacons, and bnoys as may wu1¤mem_ unl bg ueeessary for the use of vessels navigating the Willamette and Goc°l°m"'° m""' lumbia Biven hom Portland to the sea, the sum of three thousand dollars. Point Saint To commence the construction of a light house and fog-signal at or 6**0*1;*- near Point; Saint George, California, fifty thousand dollars. Bam Island. To construct a light house on Bam Island, Booth Bay Harbor, on the coast of Maine, twenty five thousand dollars. 4 Mosquito Inlet. T0 commence the construction of a light-house at Mosquito Inlet, on _ the Atlantic seaboard of the State of Florida, thirty thousand dollars. Point Robinson. For establishing a fog·sigmnl at Point Robinson, some twelve miles below Tacoma, on Puget Sound, seven thousand dollars. Agtu:-tender, Forthbuildingan steamtender for general use on the Atlantic const, ·¤¤ °¤¤¤•*· ‘ sixty thousand ollars. Hired labor and That it shall be the duty of the Light House Board to apply the Hmhwg mw money herein appropriated, as far as can be without detriment to the ""l‘* " interests of the government, by contract. When work cannot be thine or materials purchased by contract without injury to the public interests, it m;;;; be pmmuted by hired labor, and materials purchased in open ~ mar e . · R. S. 4429, 58. That section forty-four hundred and twenty nine Revised Statutes is Anmdd. hereby amended by adding at the end thereof the following: “Provided, h·••iy•. however, That the Secretary of the·y' may grant permission to P¤¤¤¤* ¤• ¤¤• use any boiler or steam generator not constructed of riveted iron or ’°"""‘ "’u"· "‘°• steel plates upon the certificate of the supervising inspector of steamhosts for the district wherein suehiboiler or generator is to be nsed, sind ctlnerntiwctcry proof that the use df the same is safe and eliicneut; said permit tu be valid until the next regular mee`ting of the supervising inspectors whe shall act thereon! com! AND 6EOD1mm SURVEY. ` usa:-v•g¤£Atl•¤— For survey of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, Eastern division: For

  • “‘* “"`°°•°°¤· every purpose and object necessary for and incident tq the continuation

of the survey of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States, of the survey nf the Mississippi River and other rivers to the bead of txdewater cr s1up_ nsmgatwn, of deep-sen sountlings, temperature, and currennobeervzmons oil' and along the ubovenumed coasts, in the Gulf of Mexwo, und throughout the Gulf Stream; for re-surveys of such portions of the above named coasts us may be necessary, including the resurvey of Long Islnnd Sound and the completion of the resurvey of Delaware Bay nnd_ nver; {br the preparation and publication of charts, of the . Const Pilot, nf n magnetic map of Eastern North America, und of a general map of the eastern part of the United States, and thr the compensutmu of the superintendent, assistants, nids, clerks, computers, druughtsmen, enguwers, eleetrotypists, instrument makers, copper plate