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520 FOBTY-SEVENTH CONGB_l?l’¥. Emss. II. Ch. 121, 1883. Pres list, sun~ Magnets. d¤”» °°¤*¤“*°d· Manuscripts. Marrow, crude. Marsh-mallows. Medals of gold, silver, or copper. Meerschaum, crude or raw. ` Mica and mica waste. Models of inventions and other improvements in the arts;_but no article or articles shall be deemed a model or improvements which can be fitted for use. Moss, sea-weeds, and all other vegetable substances used for beds and mattresses. _ Newspapers and periodicals. Nuts, cocoa, and Brazil or cream. Oakum. Oil-cake Oil, spermaeeti, whale, and other ilsh oils of American tisheries, and all other articles the produce of such fisheries. Olives, green or prepared. Orange and lemon peel, not preserved, candied, or otherwise prepared. Ores, of gold and silver. Palm nuts and palmmut kennels`. , Paper-stock, crude, of every description, including all grasses, fibers, rags of all kinds, other than wool, waste, shavings, clippings, old paper, rope ends waste rope, waste bagging, gunny bags, gunny cloth, old or refuse, to be used in making, and fit only to be converted into paper, and unit tbr any other manufacture, and cotton waste, whether for paper stock or other purposes. Parchment Pearl, mother of. . · Personal and household efects, not merchandhe, of citisens of the United States dying abroad. ’ Pewter and britannia metal, old and tit only to be remanufactured. Philosophical and scientific apparatus, instruments, and preparations, statuary, casts of marble, bronze, alabaster, or plaster of Paris, pnintings, drawings, and etchings, specially imported in good iaith for the use of any society or institution incorporated or established for religions, philosophical, educational, scientiiic, or literary purposes, or encouragement of the line arts, and not intended for sale. Plants, trees, shrubs, and vines of all kinds not otherwise _ provided for, and seeds of all kinds, except medicinal seeds not specially enumerated or provided for in this act. Plants, trees, shrubs, roots, seed cane, and seeds imported by the Department of Agriculture or the United States Botanical Garden. Platina, unmanufactured. Platinum unmanufactured, and vases, retorts, and other apparatus, vessels, and parts thereof, for chemical uses. Plumbago. . Polisbingstones. Pulu. Pumice and pumice stone. Quills, prepared or unprepared. Railroadties, of wood Battans and reeds, unmanufactured. · Regalia and gems, statues, statuary, and specimens of sculpture, where specially imported in good faith for the use of any society incorporated or established for philosophical, literary, or religious purposes, or for the eucouiiagemeutl of] the ilne arts, or for the use or by order of any co ege, aca:. emy sc oo , semin o learnin or bliclibrary in the United States. 7 uy 8, Pu Boot-flour.