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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 121. 1883. 521 BONER SIQODB. Tree list. sun- Sago, sago crude, and sago ilour. d”°'» °°¤*““*°d• Saur-krautt Sausage-skins. Sea·weed, not otherwise provided for. Seed of the sugar beet. Shark skins. Shells of every description, not manufactured Shmgle-bolts and stave bolts, provided that heading bolts. shall be held and construed to be included under the term stave bolts. Handle-bolts. Shrimps, or other shell fish. Silk, raw, or as reeled from the cocoon, but not doubled, twisted, or advanced in manufacture in any way. Silk coeoons and silk waste. . Silk-worms’ eggs. Skeletons, and other preparations of anatomy. Skins, dried, salted or pickled. Snails. Soapstocks. Sodium. Sparterre, for making or ornamenting hats. Specimens of natural history, botany, and mineralogy, when imported foxécabipets, or as objects of taste or science, and not for sale. PW · Spm·sa¤dstilts,usedin themanufacture ofearthen,stone,orcrockery ware. Straw, unmanufaetured. Sugar of milk. Sweepings of silver and gold. Tamarinds. Tapioca, cassava, or eussada. Tea. - Tea plants. Teasels. Teeth, nnmanufactured. Terra alba, Terra japonica. - Tin ore, bars, blocks, or pigs, grain or granulated. Tonquin, Tonqua or Tonka beans. Tortoise and other shells, nmmanufactured. Turtles. · Types, Eid, andsiit onliy to be remagfaeturedige hm: ood, mbre stic erue,to 'apartri , 'w pimen orange, myrtle, andall otherstiéhs aaudcanesin thorough or notorther nianuhetnred than cut into lengths suitable for umbrellgparasol, or `sngplshade sticks or walking-canes. ’ ’ S -· ‘ um. Wafers, unmedicated. “ Wearing apparel, in actual use, and other personal efects (not merchandise), professional books, implements, instruments, and tools of trade, occupation, or employment of persons arriving in the United States. But this exemption shall not be construed to include machinery or other articles imported for use in any manufacturing establishment, or for sale. Whalebone, nnmanufactured. Woods, poplar, or other woods, for the manufacture of paper. Woods, namely, cedar, lignumwitaa, laneewood, ebony, box, granadilla, mahogany, rosewood, satinwood, and all cabinet woods, unmannhctured.‘ Works of art, painting, statnary, fountains, and other works of art, the production of American artists. But thefact of such production