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624 FOBTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. (Ju. 143. 1883. Construction of For constructing new school buildings for use of Indian schools, to

gs °°h°°* be expended under the Secretary of the Interior, fifteen thousand dol-

' lars. Preservation of For preserving and transcribing mutilated and defuced papers and f53f?'; In- records in the Indian Bureau, ive thousand dollars. _cnemkee Na- That the sum of three hundred thousand dollars is hereby appropri-

  • '°“» P“Ym°¤* *°· ated, to be paid into the treasury of the Cherokee Nation, out of the

funds due under appmisement for Cherokee lands west of the Arkansas River, which sum shall be expended as the acts of the Cherokee legis- I’*‘°"**°· lature direct, this amount to be immediately available: Provided, That the Cherokee Nation, through its proper authorities, shall execute couveyances, sntislhctory to the Secretary of the Interior, to the United States in trust only for the beneht of the Pawnees, Poucas, Nez Perces, Otoes and Missourius, and Osnges now occupying said tract, us they respectively occupy the same betore the payment of said sum of money. U. S. n. crow That one thousand dollars is hereby appropriated to pay the expenses Dog- of presenting tho question of jurisdiction to the United States Supreme Court, by habeas corpus proceedings, in the case of the United States against an Indian called Crow Dog, convicted in the first judicial district court of the Territory of Dakota for the crime of murder, in the killing of another Indian called Spotted Tail, including costs of transcript, printing the same, printing briefs, and counsel fees for said defendant. Asseut ht Sioux For the purpose of procuring the assent of the Sioux Indians as pro- I¤<li=¤·¤¤ vv ¤zr¤<>— vided by article twelve of the treaty between the United States and “""“·"*°· the different bands of the Sioux Nation of Indians, made and concluded Apriltwenty-ninth, eighteen hundred and sixty-eigh t, to agreement made with the said Sioux Indians transmitted to the Senate February third, eighteen hundred and eighty-three, by the President, with such modi- Title to lands, ilcations of said agreement as will fully secure to them a titleto the land ¤¤=- remaining in the several reservations set apart to them, by said agxee- A ment, and to the Santee Sioux the proceeds of that porticnof thai; . Appmpmmon. separate reservation, not allotted in severalty, ten thousand d0ulH‘8”61' so much thereof as may be necessary to be immediately available, and to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior. Survey, Bm, of For the purpose of paying the expense of survey, appmisemeut, Fon Larued mu- and sale of Fort Larned Military Reservation, in the State of Kansas, fm? R¤$¤"¤*»*°¤·_ as provided in an act entitled ‘·Au act to provide for the disposition of ,,°1; `[’¤E‘,{sQ¤i_l¥" the Fort Lamed military reservation! two thousand five hundred 4m, cmg_, 21-;_ ’ dollars, or so much thereof as may befouud necessary. . . UNITED STATES GEOLOGICAL SURVEY. Geulogiul Sm- For the United States Geological Survey: For the Geologial Sm- V¤!· Vey, and the classification of tho public lands, and examination of tho geological structure, mineral resources, and products of. the national doxnuin, and to continue the preparation of a geological map of tho United States, including the pay of temporary employees in the field and office, to he expended under the direction of the S00f8h3T] of the Interior, two hundred and forty thousand dollars. And there may be expended therefrom for the engraving of the maps (in order that they may remain in the possession of the government), and the necessary expenses thereof, twenty Evo thousand dollars; and for the engraving of illustrations on wood, and the necessary expenses thereof, six thousand dollars, said work of engraving to be done by the Bureau of Engraying and Printing Salaries. For salaries of the scientiilc assistants of the geological survey: For salary of Eve geologists, at four thousand dollars each;' For salary of two geo ogists, at three thousand dollars each · For snlury of one geologist, two thousand seven hundred d0{l!\1‘S' fior salary of two geologists, at two thousand four hundred dollars $9** §