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romvsnvrcncrn oonennss. sms. 11. on. 143. mss. 625 For salary of two geologists, at two thousand dollars each; For salary of one paleontologist, four thousand dollars; For salary of one paleontologist, two thousand dollars; For salary of one chemist, three thousand dollars; For salary of one chemist, two thousand dollars; I For salary of one chief geographer, two thousand seven hundred dollars; For salary of three geographers, at two thousand five hundred dollars each; ' For salary of three topographers, at two thousand dollars each; in all, sixty four thousand seven hundred dollars. The Secretary of the Interior and the Commissioner of Patents are Patents granted authorized to grant any onicer of the government, except officers and 3; @9::3 gf; "f employees of the Patent Office, a patent for any in veution of the classes R °S_ fg 946'T gi mentioned in section forty eight hundred and eighty six of the Revised m§p;5°¤¤_ ’ ’ Statutes, when such invention is used or to be used in the public service, without the payment of any fee: Provided, That the applicant in Pnwiao. his application shall state that the invention described therein, if patented, may be used by the government or any of its officers or employees in the prosecution of work for the government, or by any other " person in the United States, without the payment to him of any royalty thereon, which stipulation shall be included in the patent. MISCELLANEOUS OBJECTS. Govnnmmum Hosrrrn. Fon THE INSANE. For current expenses of the Government Hospital for the Insane : For I u, an 8 of th, support, clothing, and treatment in the Government Hospital for the Army, etc. Insane of the insane of the Army and Navy, Marine Corps, and Revenue- Cutter Service, and those committed nom the National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, and persons charged with or convicted of crimes against the United States, and of all persons who have become insane since their entry into the military or naval service of the United States and who are indigent, two hundred and two thousand Eve hundred dollars; and not ex 'ng one thousand dollars of this sum may be expended in defra;. ing the expenses of the removal of patients to For the buildings and grounds of the Government-Hospital for the Buildings emu Insane, as follows: B¢‘¤¤¤d¤- For general repairs and improvements, ten thousand dollars. Repairs. To provide bedding and furniture for the new wards, six thousand dollars. For detached buildings for kitchen, including cooking apparatus, eight thousand five hundred dollars. . That of the appropriation of twenty five thousand dollars for a supply Fnapmor sun-. ‘ of pure water, and for fire walls between sections, in the act v•y¤- propriations for sundry civil expenses of the government for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty three, and for other purposes, not exceeding the sum of five thousand dollars, maybe used for tire proof stairways and changes to provide greater protection against tires conmmu INSTITUTION Fon. mm DEAF AND DUMB. For current expenses of the Columbia Institution for the Deaf and Deafsud dumb. Dumb: For support of the institution, including salaries and incidental expenses and for books and illustrative apparatus, for general repairs, and improvements, fifty five thousand dollars: Provided That no more Prooico. than twenty five thousand dollars of said sum shall be expended for salariesaud wages; Provided further, Hereafter the report of said in- mm. stitution shall contain an itemized statement of all employees, the salsxxrr--40 .