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626 FOBTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. SEss. II. C11. 143. 1883. _ ries or wages respectively, each of them, and also of all other expenses of said institution. _ Improvement of For the improvement and inclosure of the grounds, and repairs of t:¤‘¢¤¤¤$¤» ¤*¤· buildings three thousand dollars. uowmw UNIVERSITY. Howard Univer- For maintenance of the Howard University: To be used in payment ¤iW· of part of the salaries of the officers, professors, and teachers, and other regular employees of the university, a portion of which will be paid from donations and other sources, fifteen thousand dollars. For water supply, three thousand five hundred dollars. FBEEDMENCS HOSPITAL AND ASYLUM. _Freedmon’sHos- For the Freedmen’s Hospital and Asylum, Washington, District of P19}- Columbia, as follows: . For subsistence, twenty four thousand dollars; for salaries and compensation of the surgeon in chief, two assistant surgeons, engineer, matron, nurses, and cooks, nine thousand five hundred dollars; for fuel and light, three thousand dollars; for clothing, bedding, forage, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses, six thousand dollars; for rent of hospital buildings and grounds, four thousand dollars; for medicines and medical supplies, one thousand five hundred dollars; for repairs and furniture, two thousand dollars; in all, fifty thousand dollars. ‘ commmu HOSPITAL Fon WOMEN AND LYING-IN ABYLUM. _Columbia Bos- For furniture, heating apparatus, gas-nxtures, bedding and similar Pm]- necessaries for the west wing, oi the Columbia Hospital, five thousand Promo. dollars: That the proper accounting officers of the Treasury shall not withhol payments made under appropriations for current expenses of said hospital, or under the five thousand dollars hereby appropriated. Roform SohooL For the Reform School, District of Columbia: For one new barn, of stone basement and frame superstructure, and one outbuilding for farm purposes, with cellars for root-crops, seven thousand five hundred dollars. _Ye11ow¤toneNa· For the protection and improvement of the Yellowstone National

                • 1 P**’k· Park z For every purpose and object necessary for the protection, preservation,and improvement of the Yellowstone National Park, including

compensation of superintendent and employees, forty thousand dollars, two thousand dollars of said amount to be paid annually to a superintendent of said park and not exceeding nine hundred dollars annually to each of ten assistants, all of whom shall be appointed by the Secretary of the Interior, and reside continuously in the park and whose duty it shall be to protect the game, timber, and objects of intrest therein; the balance of the sum appropriated to be expended in the construction and improvement of suitable roads and bridges within said park, under the supervision and direction of an engineer officer detailed by the Secretary of War for that purpose; · Leaaecfgrcunds; The Secretary of the Interior may lease small portions of ground in °°¤d***°¤¤· the park, not exceeding ten acres in extent for each tract, on which may be erected hotels and the necessary outbuildings, and for a period not ` exceeding ten years; but such lease shall not include any of the geysers or other objects of curiosity or intrest in said park, or exclude the public from the free and convenient approach thereto; or include any ground within one quarter of a mile of any of the geysers, or the Yellowstone Falls, nor shall there be leased more than ten acres to any one person or corporation; nor shall any hotel or other buildings be erected within the park until such lease shall be executed by the Secretary of thelnterior, and all contracts, agreements, or exclusive privileges heretofore made or given in regard to said park or any part thereof, are hereby