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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 114. 1882. 667 To the estate of Lemuel Clement, deceased, of Montgomery County, M¤¤’¥l¤¤d· one thousand three hundred and thirty-four dollars and fifteen cents d CEc J ohn W. Dayton, of Alleghany County, two hundred and fifty o ars. . To Adam Danner, of Carroll County, one hundred and forty dollars. To Isaiah and Charles Devilbiss, executors of Thomas Devilbiss, deceased, of Frederick County, sixty-five dollars and eighty cents. To J. Franklin Deal, of Anne Arundel County, seventy-five dollars. To Henry Edwards of Carroll County, sixty dollars. To Emily J. Fox, administratrix of Jacob Fox, deceased, of Frederick County, one hundred and twenty-six dollars and nine cents. To Harrison Feete, of Frederick County, forty-eight dollars. To George Gardenhour, of Washington County, eighteen dollars and eighty-five cents. d {So John Gurmels, of Washington County, two hundred and sixty o ars. To John P. Gallion, of Frederick Coimty, seventy-two dollars and fifty cents To George W. Gray, of Washington County, twenty dollars. To Henry Griliin, of Washhigmn County, filly-ibur dollars and forty- two cen s. To Richard Harper of Frederick County, sixty-two dollars and fifty cents. To E. Harrison Hagerman and William A. Hageman, executors of Thomas Hagerman, deceased, of Washington County, four hundred and forty-six dollars and twenty-five cents. To Elizabeth J. Hatton, of Prince George County, one hundred and fifty-eight dollars and forty cents. To Ramsey W. Hunter, of Washington County, thirty-five dollars. To L. J. and Eliza Hays, administrators of Leonard Hays, deceased, of Montgomery County, one thousand three hundred and twenty-four dollars and iihay cents . To Henry Hoifman, of Frederick County, one hundred and ninety ive dollars. To Richard W. Holland, of Frederick County, four hundred and seventy-four dollars and forty-four cents. · To ouas Itneycr, of Washington County, ninety dollars. d°To Curtis W. Jacobs, of Worcester County, one hundred and twenty — d'l‘l<;1Samuel J. Kalb, of Frederick County, one hundred and ninety 0 To John Kretzer, of Washington County, ninety-two dollars and sixteen cents. To John in his own right, of Washington County, one hundred and seventeen ollars. To John and Jacob E. Line, executors of Jacob Line, deceased, of Washington County, one hundred and thirtyfive dollars and sixty-two cents. To John B. Layton, of Montgomery County, three and ninety-eight dollars and twenty cents. ‘ To J obn R. Layton of Montgomery County, twenty-one dollars. To John Martin, of Washmgton County, two hundred and forty dollars To Ezra C. Moser, of Frederick County, one hundred dollars. To John S. Miller, of Washington County, twenty-two dollars and fifty cents. To William Marquess, of Calvert County, twenty·five dollars. To Eliza Mades, widow of Philip Mades, deceased, of Washington County forty dollars. To Marlow, of Frederick County, one hundred and seventy- one dollars. To Wilhed B. Moore, of Charles County, one hundred and fifteen dollars.