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668 FOBTYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 114. 1882. Maryland. To John Morgan, of Frederick County, two hundred and forty dollars. To William B. Norris, of Harford County, one hundred and thirty dollars To Hannah Nicodemus, exeeutrix of Jacob Nicodemus, deceased, of Washington County, four hundred and ten dollars. To W. H. Price and Samuel S. Hays, administrators of Daniel Price, deceased, Montgomery County, twenty-two dollars and seventy-five cents. To Benjamin F. Perry, of Montgomery County, one hundred and forty-nine dollars and fifty cents. To William H. Piles, of Montgomery County, one hundred and fifteen dollars and thirty-seven cents. To W. C. and D. S. Pleasauts, administrators of Basil B. Pleasants, deceased, of Montgomery County, one hundred and fifty-two dollars. To John G. Phillips, of Frederick County, eighty dollars. To Joseph Murray and Joseph B. Reel, administrators of Jacob Reel, deceased, of Washington County, seven hundred and twenty- eight dollars. d To Gerard Bison, of Charles County, one hundred and twenty-five ollars To John S. Rowland, of Washington County, one hundred and thirty- three dollars and ninety cents. To Daniel T. Bemsburg, of Montgomery County, twenty-three dollars and thirty-seven cents. d To George Schley, of Washington County, two hundred and seventy ollars. To Samuel Seibert, of Washington County, one hundred and thirteen dollars and fifty cents. To Allen Selby, of Montgomery County, three hundred and thirty- eight dollars and fifty cents ' I To Charles H. Steele, of Anne Arundel County, four hundred dollars. · To John E. Liiford and John Loats, administrators of John Liford, deceased, of Frederick County, three hundred and fifty-four dollars. and thirry·two cents. · To Bosannah, David T., Jacob H., and John C. Stonfer, administrators of Christian Stouifer, deceased, of Washington County, four hundred and sixteen dollars and thirty-five cents. To Zachariah Thompson, of Montgomery County, one hundred and eighty-four dollars and five cents. ` To Fielder Thompson, of Frederick County, seventy-seven dollars. To Daniel Tucker, of Frederick County, ilfly-one dollars and fifty cents. ~ To George M. Wachter, of Frederick County, ninety-one dollars and eightyseven cents. To James D. Young, administrator of Green W. Young, deceased of Montgomery County, seventy-five dollars. To Henry Zahn, of Carroll County, fifty-ilve dollars and litty cents. Miuonri. MISSOURI. To Williamson Andrews, of Oregon County, two hundred and twenty five dollars. To Daniel C. Boswell, of Lawrence County, two hundred and seventy- one dollars To Martin T. Bibb, of Montgomery County, one hundred and nity one dollars and twenty-tive cents. To George F. Bowers, of Lawrence County, twenty-seven dollars. I To John H. Blake, of Randolph County, one hundred and sixty dollars To James Blair, of Cass County, twenty dollars.