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236 FORTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sues. I. Ch. 902. 1886. Fuel, li gh t s , Fnm., LIGHTS, AND WATER 1*01: PUBLIC BUILDINGS: For fuel, "'“*°F» °'&°·.» f°' lights, water, electric-light plants for public buildings in New York and

  • ’“m‘° ‘”“m"'g°‘ elsewhere when deemed necessary by the Secretary of the Treasury,

for electriclight wiring, and miscellaneous items reguired by the Jam- ‘ tors and firemen in the proper care of the buildings, furniture, and heating-apparatus, exclusive of personal services, for all public buildings, including marine hospitals, under the control of the Treasury Department, inclusive of new buildings; six hundred thousand dollars. Gas in District And the appropriation herein made for gas in any of the public build- 0f C¤l¤¤¤bi¤· ings in the District of Columbia under the control of the Treasury Department shall include the rental or use of any gasgovernor, gaspuriher, or other device for reducing the expenses of gas, when first approved by the Secretary of the Treasury and ordered by him in writing: rm-uc. Provided, That no sum shall be paid for such rental or useof such gas- Rent of gas-gow governor, gas-purifier, or device greater than the one-half part of the °’“°'· °*°· amount of money actually saved thereby. Heating, cw., HEATINGAPPARATUS FOB PUBLIC nmnmxcs, INCLUDDSG NEW apparatus, public BUILDINGS: For heating, hoisting, and ventilatiug apparatus, and re· "“'“"”¤°· pairs to the same, for all public· buildings, including marine hospitals, under control of the Treasury Department, one hundred and thirty-tivo thousand dollars. Vaults, suiesunu VAULTS, SLFES, AND LOCKS 1-*01: 1>Um.1c BUILDINGS, INCLUDING

  • °°k¤- NEW BUILDINGS: For vaults, safes, and locks, and repairs to the same,

for all public buildings under control of the Treasury Department, fifty thousand dollars. runs an- pusnc Paws ron runmc nuinnmcs: For books, photographic materials, b¤U*U¤S¤· and in duplicating plans required for all public buildings under control of the Treasury Department, two thousand five hundred dollars. Propaglrtion or Puorscsmon on roonrrsnns: For the introduction by the United f°°d· ¤ ¤ °¤ » ex- States Fish Commission into and the increase in the waters of the United l’°"““· - States of food·ilshes"and other useful products of the waters, including lobsters, oysters, and other shell-fish, and for continuing the inquiry into the iisheries of the United States and their subjects, and for such general and miscellaneous expenditures as the Commissioner of Fish , and Fisheries may find necessary to the prosecution of his work, including salaries or compensation of all necessary employees, one huudred and thirty thousand dollars. Fish-hatchery, Frsn-nncrmnr AT Dunnrn, Mxmmsora: For the establishment Duluth, Minn. of a. fish-hatchery on Lake Superior, at or near ·Duluth, Minnesota, Promo.ten thousand dollars: Providcd,That the city of Duluth shall furnish Sits. without charge a suitable site for said (ish-hatchery. Rent. RENT OF 01*1*101: UNITED STATES Frsn Commission: For rout of rooms in the city of Washington, two thousand and forty dollars. Fish-ponds. DIAINTENANCE OF FISIDPONDSZ For the preparation and maintenance of fish ponds in Washington and elsew here, and the distribution of the eggs and young of the whiteiish,salmon, chad, cod, carp, and other useful inhabitants of the waters, including salariesor compensation of all necessary employees, forty-five thousand dollars. vessels Mamrmwarcon or vnssms: For the maintenance of the vessels of the United States Fish Commission, and for boats, apparatus, machinery, and the other facilities required for use with the same, including salaries or compensation of all necessary employees, forty-tive thousand dollars. Steamer Alba- STBAMER Anncunoss : For the construction and introduction of ¤‘¤¤¤» ¤l¤=¤¤¤¤· new boilers for the steamer Albatross, and other necessary general repairs, twenty thousand dollars; for expenses of voyage from New York to San Francisco, including cost of coal and other necessary supplies, seven thousand hre hundred dollars; in all, twenty-seven thousand tive hundred dollars. stixithsoniuu In- Ixmnxuxoxn EXCHANGES, Sn¤Tus0mA1< INSTITUTION: For ex- _ E s of iu_ penses of the system of intematioual exchanges between the United tm,,,,,,.,,, al gx_ States and foreign countries, under the direction of the Smithsonian changes.