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FORTY-NINTD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 902. 1880. 237 Institution, including salaries or compensation of all necessary employees, ten thousand dollars. _ N011TH ALIERICAN ETHNOLOGY, SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION: For North American the purpose of continuing ethnological researches among the American °“’¤°l°1¥>’· Indians, under the direction of the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, including salaries or compensation of all necessary employees, forty thousand dollars. Surrimssma COUNTERFEITING AND OTHER CRIMES: For the ex- Detecting n n 0 penses of detecting and bringing to trial and punishment persons engaged P¤¤*§lii¤S ¤*>¤¤· in counterfeiting Treasury notes, bonds, national-bank notes, and other "’f°'““g*‘°'°‘ securities of the United States, as well as the coins of the United States, and other felonies committed against the laws of the United States relating to the pay and bounty laws, and for no other purpose whatever, sixty thousand dollars. LANDS AND 0T11E1a PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES: For cus- C u st ody or tody, care, and protection of lands and other property belonging to the l=¤¤d¤i ¤¤¤- United States, one thousand dollars. COMPENSATION IN Luau on momrmsz For compensation in lieu ccnipcnnntinn in of moieties in certain cases under the customs·revenue laws, thirty lieu <>f ¤¤>i¢ti¤¤· thousand dollars. - Exrnxsn mcunnnn mvnna ACT RELATING T0 Cmrvsm: To meet ¤l3i¤·=¤¤ imruisuch expenses as may be necessary to be incurred in carrying out the g‘f"£f‘;g “*l;)§,”*°”· provisions of the act to execute certain treaty stipulations relating to’P" " Chinese, approved May sixth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, includiéigéhe printing of certificates therein required, five thousand five hunre dollars. ALASKAN snAL-msnnnms. nsélgigsuu scal- For salaries and traveling expenses of agents at seal-fisheries in $¤l=¤ri¢¤. ngvnts Alaska, as follows : ‘“"1 “"°‘S“‘“"‘· For one agent, three thousand six hundred and fifty dollars. For one assistant agent, two thousand nine hundredaud twenty dollars. For two assistant agents, at two thousand one hundred and ninety dollars each, four thousand three hundred and eighty dollars. For necessary traveling expenses of agents actually incurred in going Traveling crto and returning from Alaska, not to exceed six hundred dollars each P°¤$°¤· per annum, two thousand four hundred dollars. ‘ Fon THE m10T2cm0N OF sDA·0TTmz HUNTING-GnoUNDsAND snAL- Protection or inrrrsnmzms m ALASKA: To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to use mm ¤*` *¤¤_f9*;- revenue-steamers for the protection of the interest of the Government :;'f,‘;"3Q ""·‘ '"‘ ° on the seal-islands and the sea-otter hunting-grounds, and the enforce- ’ ` ment of the provisions of law in Alaska, twenty thousand dollars. PREVENTION OF mrrnmrres. The President of the United States is hereby authorized, in ease of Prevention ¤¤51 threatened or actual epidemic of cholera or yellow fever, to use the un- :,‘;I$;°f,*;:g';s‘;;fP" expended balance of the sum appropriated therefor by the act approved v01_ 23, ,,_ ,m_ March third, eighteen hundred and eighty-five in aid of State and local boards or otherwise, in his discretion, in preventing and suppressing the spread of the same and for maintaining quarantine and maritime inspections at points of danger. UNDER THE NAVY DEPARTMENT. mN1v7 Depart- . 4 GD NAVY-YARD, Mum ISLAND, CAJ:.m0nNu: For completion of stone Mare Island drydock, one hundred and ninety-one thousand five hundred and mnety- gw-yvd, Cahtlve dollars; for completion of iron crane, twenty-two thousand dollars; ”“"· in all, two hundred and thirteen thousand five hundred and ninety-five dollars.