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FIFTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 1210. 1888. 585 ' Second, \Vomen and girls with polygamous surroundings in danger of being coerced into polygamy. Third, Girls of polygamous parentage anxious to escape from polyvamous influences. Pourth, W'omen and girls who have been proselyted elsewhere and remove into the Territory in ignorance of the existence there of poéygamly. or ai ing in the work of said Association for the present fiscal Support. year, including the transportation of inmates of the Institution who deppe to permanently remove from said Territory, four thousand o ars. Said Utah Commission shall hereafter act as the board of control Uwe ¤<>r¤mi¤¤i<>¤. over said Association, both in the erection of said building and i11 Duma °f the conduct of the work of the Association hereafter. Said Utah Commission shall audit all expenditures of said Association under any appropriation herein or ereafter made, and shall make an annual report to Conglress covering their expenditures and work hereunder, together wit that of said Association. Said Industrial Christian Home Association of Utah Territory for the work herein defined shall have the use and occupation of said building and grounds free of rent or charge until such time as said work shall be accomplished, or Congress shall otherwise direct, when possession and occupation of the same shall revert to the United States. Rnvcrsicu. MISCELLANEOUS. miseeumeoua. Surroar or INSANE Coxvxcrsz To pay the State Asylum for In- support or mm sane Criminals at Auburn, New York, for the care and support of °°°“°°S· United States convicts, seven hundred and two dollars. That the Attorney—General is hereby authorized and directed to nanqponmpcnuxes cause Charles Grandison, Frank Seiver, alias George Selvin, and g',,"‘;'£°,,‘;'g,,{ Igjhgg Anthony Stewart, alias Johnson, alias Frank Harris, who were re- Asylum. ceived in the State Asylum for Insane Convicts at Auburn, New York, while undergoing sentence in the New York State Prison at Auburn, for crimes committed in the District of Columbia, and whose sentences have expired since they thus became insane, to be removed to the Government Hospital for the Insane, at Washington, District of Columbia, by the United States Marshal for the Nort ern District of New York, the necessary expenses incurred in the same, to be pay- able from the a propriation for fees and expenses of marshals. CAL1FoRN1A UTATE ASYLUM FOR INSANE: To pay the California cannmmm. insane State Asylum for Insane at Napa, California, for the maintenance of **%,1;}}*,};,,,, tO_ Frank Aaron, a citizen of Alaska, committed to said asylum upon an order issued by the United States judge for the district of Alaska, from December thirtieth, eighteen hun red and eighty-four, to April fourteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, eight hundred and twenty-seven days, at fifty cents per day, four hun red and thirteen dollars and fifty cents. REFUND T0 DAVID DAY: To refund to David Daly so much of the nm-m Day fine of two hundred and twenty-five dollars imposer upo11 him by the R€f““d ° °“°*°· United States court for the southern district of Mississippi at 1ts November term, eighteen hundred and eighty-six, from w ich he was relieved by a pardon granted by the President, March sixteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. PUBLIC PRINTING. Public P*‘*¤*i¤€- F or a ent to the rinters regularly employed 011 the Congres- Congressional Rec sional Pgnl not excegding ninety dollars each for time unemployed °’1§l,,,.,,,,,,,m, p,,m,,_ during the present session, to be paid to such printers in Lproppgrtion to the whole time actually employed in connection with the cord