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284 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 311. 1892. xmas zmmgstu To pay Melville Lindsay for rubber boots furnished to employees= P"*· engaged to work in water in the National Zoological Park, being a· deficiency for the iiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-one, thirty- eiglht dollars. mF°"l’°*‘ H- TM- Ty Newbold H. Trotter, as per bill rendered, for paintings fur- ' nish the United States of America, one hundred and sixty dollars. Public '·““*”¤¤*· runmc numnmes. {{¤;*;:*}l;{:,·,:’1V,§¤d]¤ For custom house and post-office at Milwaukee, Wisconsin: That somy mfpsurmmpré much of the proceeds of the sale of the old custom-house and post ·***¤° ·•’°· office site and building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as may be necessary is hereby made available for the payment of the rent of such premises v¤1.26.r•·°¤¤- at the rate prescribed in the act of Congress approved March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, for such time as may be necessary to rent the same from the purchaser thereof during the construction of ‘ the new United States post-office, court house, and custom-house building in said city. D¤yw¤.0hi<»- For post-office at Dayton, Ohio: For payment of outstanding contract liabilities on account of the construction of building and approaches, one thousand two hundred dollars. Portland- He, For marine hospital at Portland, Maine: To complete electric light M""“° H""'""' plant, three thousand dollars. mm.c.. For courthouse and post-office at Macon, Georgia: That the unex- "°"°“¥”“°°· pended balance of five thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, of the appropriation of eight thousand dollars made in the sundry civil appropriation act approved March third, eighteen hundred. and ninety-one, for the construction of a sewer be, and the same is hereby, made available for the improvements of the building. Hmm: ¤vv¤¤¤¤¤•· Foii heating apparatus for the public buildings at the following places, name y: G¤•¤’“}•·$·°· Greenville, South Carolina, two thousand. dollars; 1»••A¤s•l··· 0-*- Los Angeles 'California, three thousand dollars; S¤¢•¤·¤\•· N- ¤- ;· Statesville, Mort}; Carolina, two thousand five hundred dollars;

            • 6 ***'°·Vicksburg Mississippi, two thousand five hundred dollars; in. all,

ten thousand dollars. Fish C¤¤¤»¤i¤•*¤¤- msu commission. §¤;·;*g:¤·,_nk° Rm, For the completion of the fish cultural stations at Green Lake audi mia; s umu. ue. Craig’s Brook, Maine, including construction of ponds, buildings, roads, grading, and buoyage and all necessary materials and equipment, and pay of employees required for the same, eight thousand dollars, being for the ilscal years eighteen hundred and ninety-two and eighteen hundred and ninety-three. wpmius- For investigation and report respecting the advisability of establishing a fish hatchery station at some suitable point in Wyonning, four hundred dollars. mkllailjgkvuv F-¤¤·¤· Lrcnrnousiu Esrsnnrsnmnzwr. f_gg¤*:,¤:;’:j}*é°Q'f· For legal services performed and expenses incurred in examining title to land and water front at Portsmouth, Virginia, for an addition to the site of the Portsmouth light-house depot, Virginia, two hundred (_" M P i t M and forty-four dollars and twenty-five cents. {QS'}; ,,,.$’,,;,;_ °‘ For legal services performed and expenses incurred in correcting an error in the title to the site for lighthouse at Grindel Point, Maine, seventy-nine dollars and thirty cents. .,§‘{L'§Y' "'1 ""Y nrnrs mn nssnr orrrcns. nam;. Mont. To pay amounts found due by the accounting officers on account of P,';,2f"‘¥°"‘ “‘ contingent expenses, United States assay office at Helena, for the tiscali year eighteen hundred and ninety, as follows: