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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. SEss. I. CI-1. 311. 1892. 285 Oregon Short Line and Utah Northern Railway Company, for transiportationrof public property, five dollars and thirty-eight cents; Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company, 831116, three dollars .and ninety-seven cents; in all, nine dollars and thirty-five cents. To pay amount found due by the accounting officers on account of €h=¤1¤¤•¤» N· ¤· wages and contingent expenses, United States assay office at Charlotte, ¤¤¤¤¤g¤¤¤ ex — for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-one, as follows: ’°“”“‘ The Charlotte Publishing Company, for advertising furnished in May, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, “ proposals for supplies for the United States assay office at Charlotte," thi.rty-one dollars and fifty -cents. HISC OUS TRELSUBY. Miscellaneous. CONTINGENT EXPENSES: To pay amounts found due by the account- ¤<>¤¢i¤z¤¤= e¤— iing officers of the Treasury on account of contingent expenses, Treas- P°””°S’ ·ury Department, gas, and so forth, being for the service of the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-one, one hundred and seventy-six dollars and eighty-seven cents. To pay amounts found due by the accounting officers of the Treas- rumamm, em. wury on account of contingent expen es, Treasury Department, furniture, sand so forth, being for the service of the fiscal year eighteen hundred . rand ninety-one, one hundred and ten dollars. To pay the Fenton Metallic Manufacturing Company, of Jamestown, New York, for materials furnished and work done in connection with iitting up the new money-order building erected for the use of the money-order branch ·of the Sixth Auditor’s Office, three thousand one hundred and twenty-seven dollars and five cents. Nonrn AMERICAN Commncur. Comrlmr : To reimburse the North r m i._ American American Commercial Company for supplies fiunished by order of the °°“"“°’°’“w°'“¥"“*`· Treasury Department to the native inhabitants on the islands of Saint B,;.,;,.,,..,,.,,,.,_ George and Saint Paul, Alaska, during the winter of eighteen hundred and ninety-one and eighteen hundred and ninety-two, necessary to the maintenance ot, and to keep said natives from suffering, on account of being without means of support by reason of the limited catch of seals rordered by the Department, five thousand six hundred and fifty dollars. STEAMER HARRY COTTRELL: To refund to the master of the steamer —-Iran! Cottrell." Harry Cottrell the iine imposed upon said party under section thirty- R°"“‘ ‘° “‘*‘“"°"· one hundred and twenty-five of the Revised Statutes, since remitted in g_s__,,c_m5_,,_5,.9_ whole by the Secretary of the Treasury, the original sum having been paid and covered into the Treasury prior to said remission, twenty dol- `lars. COMPENSATION IN LIEU OF MOIETIES: For compensation in lieu of of;:;$’;f'*°“*"**°“ moieties in certain cases under the customs revenue laws, twenty thou- ' sand dollars. RELIEF OF TREASURY OF THE UNITED STATES: That the Secretary T*·¤·¤¤·*·¤*- -0f the Treasury and the proper accounting officers of the Treasury Department be, and they are hereby, authorized and directed to credit in C,-.,.m in m.,,,_ the accounts of the Treasurer of the United States the sum of eleven NH-°*¤P· thousand six hundred and eleven dollars and three cents, now carried in his general account as “ unavailable funds," and representing the indebtedness of Norman H. Camp, formerly assayer in charge of assay office at Boise City, on his bullion account, which indebtedness has been canceled by the terms of compromise accepted by the Secretaryof the Treasury under section thirty-six hundred and forty-nine, Revised ns., sec.36|£.p.'i'1B. Statutes, said sum being the amount carried in the statement of the Treasurer of the United States, in his annual report for the year eightcen hundred and ninety-one, as unavailable funds, United States Assay Office, N. H. Camp’s account. And for this purpose the said sum of eleven thousand six hundred and eleven dollars and three cents is hereby appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated.