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384 FLFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Srzss. I. CH: 380. 1892. In all, two million six hundred and seventeen thousand eight hunmma. dred and forty-one dollars and twenty-seven cents: Provided, That ummm u. show hereafter the statement of expenses of the Board of Managers of the °“·‘“'*°°· °*"· National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers shall each year be submitted in the annual book of estimates and shall be made to show the » amount of salary or compensation paid to each of the officers and employees of said Board, and there shall also be submitted therewith a ’ statement showing the number of officers appointed at each of the ILS-»¤¤¤·48¤¤·r-*3% Branch Homes under Section four thousand eight hundred and twenty- ,· _ nine of the Revised Statutes, the amount of salary or compensation · paid to each, and the amount of allowance to each,if any, for contingent ‘ or other expenses. Aaaasaamrm STATE on Tnnmromn. Homes: For continuing the aid to State ""‘°'i"‘ h°“‘°" or Territorial homes for the support of disabled volunteer soldiers in V<>1-25.1>- 450- conformity with the act approved August twentyseventh, eighteen ‘ hundred and eightyeight, five hundred and fifty thousand dollars: mma. Provided, That one-half of any sum or sums retained by State homes nsaueapm for pen- on account of pensions received from inmates shall be deducted from °*°°“’°“““°‘· the aid herein provided for. Bwkinynndbcunty- BAGK PAY AND BOUNTY: For payment of amounts for arrears ot Ai-mm urpsy. pay of two and three year volunteers that may be certied to be due by the accounting omcers of the Treasury during the iiscal year eighteen ` hundred and ninety-three, four hundred and thirty-tive thousand dollars. Bwnty- For payment of amoimts for bounty to volunteers and their widows and legal heirs that may be certified to be due by the accounting officers of the Treasury during the tiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-three, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Aamutmi money. For payment of amounts for bounty under the act of July twenty- V<>L14.1>·¤21 eighth, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, that may be certified to be due by the accounting omcers of the Treasury during the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninetythree, thirtyfive thousand dollars. m¢;¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ ¤¢ ¤- For payment of amounts for commutation of rations to prisoners oi war in rebel States, and to soldiers on furlough, that may be certiiied , to be due by the accounting officers of the Treasury during the iiscal ·· year eighteen hundred and ninety-three, thirty thousand dollars. 0fU3n-dszpcammrmwnt UNDER THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. m<;·;¤£·(¤;·_;;=g__:;bi_¤¤- Comrr House, WASHINGTON, DISTRICT or Co1.U1umA: For annual ‘ réeplairs, per estimate of the Architect of the Capitol, one thousand 0 ars. can mmnmry. UTAH TENITENTIARY: For shops, one thousand five hundred dollars. Miscellaneous. nemiuiug suits in DEFENDING SUITS IN CLAIMS AGAINST THE UNITED STATES: For °“‘“"“‘ defraying the necessary expenses incurred in the examination of witnesses and procuring of evidence in the matter of claims against the United States and in defending suits in the Court of Claims, including the payment of such expenses as in the discretion of the Attorney- General shall be necessary for making proper defense for the United 1;,,,,,,, ,,,,;,,,,0,, States in the matter of French spoliation claims, to be expended under cbim- the direction of the Attorney-General, twenty-tive thousand dollars. imma service. Pomsnmo `YIOLATIONS or crm; Inrnneormsrz Acrs AND FBAUDS: l_1;g¤;i:e!;;:lg;B8v:ol:- For detecting and punishing violations of the intercourse acts of Con- "’ ‘ " ° ‘ gross, and frauds committed in the Indian service, the same to be expended by the Attorney-General in allowing such fees and compensation to witnesses, jurors, marshals and deputies, and agents, and in collecting evidence, and in defraying such other expenses as may be necessary for this purpose. five thousand dollars.