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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 203. 1893. 559 of the Commissioner of Indian Aifairs, for the improvement of their said allotments, and for other purposes for their beneiit, the sum of sixty-four thousand and six hundred and iifiy ($64,650) dollars; pro- pmm. vided, that the number of allotments of land provided for shall not ex- Limit. ceed three hundred (300). But if the number of allotments shall exceed Number or inmthree hundred (300), then there shall be deducted from the said sum of "’°“*" sixty-four thousand and six hundred and fifty ($64,650) dollars, the sum of fifty ($50) dollars for each allotment in excess of the three hundred (300); provided, however, that should the Kickapoos elect to leave any rimins may iam or all of said money in the Treasury of the United States, it shall bear §‘{§§’,,X,{P T'°“““"' "° interest at the rate of five per cent per annum after the ratification by Congress of this contract. ARTICLE VI. Amue vr. “ It is hereby further agreed that wherever, in this reservation, any mf-:¤*},:;°°d‘fg;,;‘°';g; religious society or other organization is now occupying any portion of BGIVH friim entry. said reservation for religious or educational work among the Indians the land so occupied may be allotted and confirmed to such society or organization, not however to exceed one hundred and sixty (160) acres of land to any one society or organization, so long as the same shall be so occupied and—used, and such land shall not be subject to homestead entry. A1z.r1oLE VII. ArtlnloVlI. “'I'his agreement shall have eifect whenever it shall be ratiiied by Mece. the Congress of the United States. “In witness whereof the said commissioners on the part of the si uim or com- United States have hereunto set their hands and the undersigned, mem- °'* bers of the said tribe of Kickapoo Indians in the Indian Territory, have set their hands the day and year first above written. “DAVID H. Jmzomn, "ALFRED M. WILSON, WARREN G. SAYBE, Commissioners on the part of the United States. KICKAPOO YTILLAGE, August 16, 1891. “ At a special council called to elect delegates to send to Washirigton _A¤ui¤iimi0ii crm to make deal with the Government about our homes, we give Oc qua °““‘ ‘“1°g“"f“· Noe a Sey and Kee Soc can mee waw, and John T. Hill full power and Pewcr ¤f¤¤¤r¤¤y- authority to deal with the Government or Commission, and they have full power to settle with them or the Government of the United States of America. " Hereunto we set our hands and seal. VVape Mee Shay Waw, his x mark; WVashe He Hoon, his x Sienwrren of dew mark; Waw Patte Co Se Way, his x mark; Wah l\Iattee_‘°°°°’°t°' Qna P Yoka, his x mark; Pa Mee Thout, his x mark; No Kee Thow, his x mark; Ta Ke Kak Thoe, his x mark; Mee Re Ai Qnaw, his x mark; The Ourouh Naugh, his x mark; The O Cami, his x mark; \Vap Augh Noe A Sey, his x mark; Pay Ah Nough, his x mark; Chaugh Co Thow, his x mark; Fish A. Tame Augh, his x mark; No Ten Wa Attee, his x mark; May Soop Pattee Sant, his x mark; So Tea Naugh, his x mark; Panney Paw He Wah, his x mark; Tush Come Mee, his x mark; Pass Car U Taugh, his x mark; Ketch Tee \Vaw, his x mark; 0 Ke Maw Waw, his x mark; See No Som Mee, his x mark; Wap Pee Chee Ka Way, his x mark; West Sact To Sauth, his x mark; Mat Tanney, his x mark; Auch Chest Caw, his x mark; Chest Kee Augh, his x mark; May Say Qua Sheald, his x mark; Mau Kaugh The Sey, his x mark; Pee Quaa, his x mark; West Seoa Thay, his x mark; Kam Keney Nay, his x mark;