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560 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 203. 1893. Mass McGarmick, his x mark; So Puck A Waw, his x mark; Kee Wi Quar Kuck, his x mark; Young Ah Qua They, his x mark; Paugh Thee Sist Lugt, his x mark, Atch Ah Thee, his x mark; Pa Me Thought, his x mark, Wah Theim Augh, his x mark; Mautch E N onine Augh, his x mark; Pene A I Pan Thought, his x mark; Mack Aureyer, his x mark; Augli Pant thousepyeare, his x mark; Pat The Sathe, his x mark; Em Ne Statte, his x mark; E Gone Putt, his x mark; Nect Co Tau Quaw Paw, his x mark; Oka Matha Thou, his x mark; Waw Pee Pam, his x mark; WIUDG S: J osmrn WHIPPLE (his x mark). J om: T. HILL. cmi¤¤¤¤¤¤.¤¢¤- John Whipple, speciahinterpreter for Kiekapoos, appointed by all of those that have signed this agreement is a member of the Kickapoo tribe of Indians. I John T. Hill, hereby certify that I read and explained the foregoing power of attorney to Joseph Whipple, who understands well the English language, and he was made to inlly understand the same; that I was requested by the Kickapoo tribe of Indians to prepare the power of attorney, and did so, and when I explained it to said Whipple he pretended to interpret it to said Indians, in full council assembled. H- Witness my hand at Washington D. C. this ninth day of September, 1891. J om: T. HILL. I Joseph Whipple, hereby certify that I am a member of the Kickapoo tribe of Indiansin the Indian Territory; that I speak and well understand the English language and the Kickapoo language, and that at a council of all the Kiekapoos on the 16th. day of August, 1891, on this reservation I was chosen as interpreter; that Jolm T. Hill prepared and explained to me the foregoing power of attorney, and when so explained I interpreted it to said Indians and they were ‘ made to fully understand the same as it was read and explained to me, and then they signed it; and I further certify that the Secretary of the Interior further advised and intormed me what the paper contains, and he stated it as said Hill stated it to me and as I interpreted it to said Indians.

  1. 4 Witness my hand at Washington, D. C., this ninth day of September, 1891.

J osmm WH11>PL1·: (his x mark). Attest: WM. F. RYAN. Apwmfttdp maui We, the undersigned, commissioners on the part of the United States, }{Qf,,f§"§‘f Q,,,,}}',',},,,- and Ock-qua-uoc-a-sey, Kish-o-com-me, and John T. Hill, authorized gagmuw of I¤w¤•>¤ by the Kickapoo tribe of Indians in the Indian Territory, hereby agree ' with each other as follows:

  • ‘ The United States commissioners aforesaid and the Kiekapoos

have agreed on terms of sale of their reservation, except the commissioners insist on the Indians taking lands in allotment, while the Indians insist in taking an equal amount of land as a diminished reservation, the title to be held in common. “The tribe has executed a power of attorney authorizing the above named persons to make the contract with the Commissioners, but have directed them to do so at Washington. The Kickapoos so authorized insist on going to Wasliington to see the Secretary of the Interior. and submit to him their claim to have a diminished reservation held in common as aforesaid, and hereby agree with the United States Commission to abide his decision in the premises, and take their lands in common or in allotment as he shall direct, and further agree that at