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570 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 206. 1893. and make oath or allirmation in like manner before said consul or consular agent, stating his professional experience and qualifications as a physician and surgeon, and that he has made a personal examination of each of the passengers named therem and that said list or manifest, according to the best of his knowledge and behei, IS full, correct, and true in all particulars relative to the mental and physical condition of O,,,,;,,,,.,,,,,,,, said passengers. If no surgeon sails with any vessel bringing alien immigrants, the mental and physical examinations and the verifications .of the lists or manifests maybe made by some competent surgeon employed by the owners of the vessel. ment, m mlm SEO. 4. That in the case of the failure of said master or commanding °° °°"P'¥· officer of said vessel to deliver to the said inspector of immigration lists or manifests, verified as aforesaid, containing the information above required as to all alien immigrants on board, there shall be paid to the collector of customs at the port of arrival the sum of ten dollars for each immigrant qualified to enter the United States concerning whom the above information is not contained in any list as aforesaid, or said immigrant shall not be permitted so to enter the United States, but shall be returned like other excluded persons. _ _ _ _ p.,t.,.,m,,, of ,,. Sec. 5. That it shall be the duty of every mspector of arriving alien dg; M ¤P°°*¤l i¤· immigrants to detain for a special inquiry, under section one of the q var zo, p. msi. immigration act of March third, lpliglhteebrz lgindped auidlminetpoiieqeyery . person who may not appear toto ear y an yon ou encqnma. ye., or titled to admission, and all special inquiries shall be conducted by not "°°‘“1“"*““"°“· less than four officials acting as` inspectors, to be designated in writing nasgumta of ni. by the Secretary of the Treasury or the superintendent of immigra- 'P°°‘°" “‘°'°'°"· tion, for conducting special inquiries; and no immigrant shall be adrsmtieamm. mitted upon special inquiry except after a favorable decisions made by at least three of said inspectors; and any decision to admit shall Apron rm., be subject to appeal by any dissenting inspector to the superintendent nm,' more. of immigration, whose action shall be subject to review by the Secre- “$ °“**° ”'Y· tary of the Treasury, as provided in section eight of said immigration °l'mP`w“` act of March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-one. °:{*¤i¤:3r¤. 1>r<>(¤=;i Sec. 6. That section five of the act of March third, eighteen hundred p»¥¤...i§$.°XiZ"f,,. and ninety-one, “in amendment of the various acts relative to immi- °°$f,'{f*·2°, P_ 10 S5. gration and the_ importation of aliens under contract or agreement to smsnusu. performnlabor/’ is hereby amended by striking out the words “second proviso where they first occur in said section and inserting the words “iirst proviso" in their place; and section eight of said act IS hereby ugaeisdmgzmma- so amended that the medical examinations of arriving immigrants to ‘ be made by surgeon of the Marine·Hospital Service may be made by any regular me ical officers of such Marine-Hospital Service detailed therefor by the Secretary of the Treasury; and civil surgeons shall only be employed temporarily from time to time for specific emergencies. Q 0:;:1; aaai?-ner Sec. 7. That no bond or guaranty, written or oral, that an alien imbm ,,,c§§,,,,‘f§ "'g" migrant shall not become a public charge shall be received from any pexkson, company, 'clprporation, charitable or benevolent society or associa ion, un ess au ority to receive the same shall in each s ecial case be given by the Superintendent of Immigration, with the smitten ap- '· l proval of the Secretary of the Treasury. _ _ mzgqgrgmgmzpsigi Sec. 8. That all steamslup or transportation companies, and other ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,k,,,,_ owners of vessels, regularly engaged in transporting alien immigrants mpiemueuze was tot;};; States, shall twice ahyear tlile a cergiiicate with the Sec- · re o e that they ave urnishe to be ke t cons icuously exposed to viaxn the office of each of their agentg in forgzign countries authorized to sell emigraut tickets, a copy of the law of V¤!-26.p-10% March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, and of all subsequent fin-mminimzmge laws of this country relative to immigration, printed in large letters, ° °"‘“""· °‘°· in the language of the country where the copy of the law is to be exthjggsnvn called posed to view, and that they have instructed their agents to call the attention thereto of persons contemplating emigration before selling tickets to them; and in case of the iailure for sixty days of any such