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FIFTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. Il. Ch. 290. 1894. 305 purposes of said Act, and to complete the allotment of the same, including the necessary clerical work incident thereto in the field and in the Office of Indian Affairs, and delivery of trust patents, so far as allotments shall have been selected under said Act, thirty thousand dollars: Provided, That whenever it shall be made to appear to the Provisos. Secretary of the Interior that by reason of age, disability or inability, Lenses permitted any allottee of Indian lands under this or former Acts of Congress, can not personally and with benetit to himself, occupy or improve his ` allotment or any part thereof the same may be leased upon such terms, regulations, and conditions as shall be prescribed by the Secre tary for a term not exceeding five years for farming or grazing purposes, or ten years for mining or business purposes: Provided further, That the surplus lands of any tribe may be leased for farming purposes Leases of surplus - by the council of such tribe under the same rules and regulations and *3*** by mmsfor the same term of years as is now allowed in the case of leases for grazing purposes. That all persons who are in whole or in part of Indian blood or Actions for almdescent who are entitled to an allotment of land under any law of Con- Idsiiigtrdiigiiéiigd. b° gress, or who claim to be so entitled to land under any allotment Act or under any grant made by Congress, or who claim to have been unlawfully denied or excluded from any allotment or any parcel of land to which they claim to be lawfully entitled by virtue of any Act of Congress, may commence and prosecute or defend any action, suit, or proceeding in relation to their right thereto, in the proper circuit court of the United States. And said circuit courts are hereby given jurisdiction to try and determine any action, suit, or proceeding arising within their respective jurisdictions, involving the right of any person, in whole or in part of Indian blood or descent, to any allotment of land under any _ law or treaty. And the judgment or decree of any such court in favor Judgments. of any claimant to an allotment of land shall have the same effect, when properly certified to the Secretary of the Interior, as if such allotment had been allowed and approved by him; but this provision shall not Lands excepted. apply to any lands now held by either of the Five Civilized Tribes nor to any of the lands within the Quapaw Indian Agency: Provided, That meme. the right of appeal shall be allowed to either party as in other cases. AP*"’“l· For the construction, purchase, and use of irrigating machinery and Imgmou. appliances on Indian reservations, in the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior and subject to his control, thirty thousand dollars. The Secretary of the Interior is directed to contract with responsible Fw H¤11.Id¤h¤ parties for the construction of irrigating canals and the purchase or l""¤“*‘°”- securing of water supply on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation, in the State ot; Idaho, for the purpose of irrigating the lands of said reservation: Provided, That the expense of constructing said canals and the ,§r·>v¤¤· purchase or securing of water supply shall be paid out of moneys x*’°°°°° belonging to the said Fort Hall Indians now in the Treasury of the United States and subject to the disposal of the Secretary of the Interior for the benefit of said Indians. To enable the Secretary of the Interior to employ practical farmers Pr¤<>¢i¤¤1f¤¤¤¤¤· and practical stockmen in addition to the agency iarmers now employed, at wages not exceeding seventyilve dollars each per month, to superintend and direct farming and stock-raising among such Indians as are making effort lor self·support, seventy thousand dollars; and no person shall be employed as such farmer or stockman who has not been at least five years immediately previous to such employment practically engaged in the occupation of farming. To enable the Secretary of the Interior to employ suitable persons hogs2E1g:,;; **=*¤l* as matrons to teach Indian girls in housekeeping and other household ' duties, at a rate not to exceed sixty dollars per month, and for furnishing necessary equipments, five thousand dollars. _ _ _ For the service of not exceeding eight hundred and fifty privates, at I¤•*¤¤¤ P<>l¤¤°· ten dollars per month each, and not exceeding seventy-tive officers, at fifteen dollars per month each, of Indian police, to be employed in sum-von XXVIII—·20