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FIFTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 318. 1894. 497 used, such disagreement may be summarily determined upon the application of either road to any court in said District having competent jurisdiction. Sec. 12. That the said company shall furnish and maintain passenger P¤¤¤<=>¤g¤r ¤¤¤¢i<>¤¤- houses and transfer stations as required by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia but no such passenger house or transfer station shall he built upon the public streets or sidewalks or upon public property and shall place firstclass cars on said railway with all the modern improvements fo1' the convenience, comfort, and safety of passengers, and shall run cars as often as the public convenience may require in accordance with a timetable approved by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia. Every failure to comply with the conditions of this section shall render the said corporation liable to a line of nfty dollars for each day said failure occurs, to be recovered in any court of competent jurisdiction at the suit of the Commissioners of said District. Sec. 13. That the Commissioners of the District of Columbia may t,SP°°d· *>¤¤·-*62*1**- makc such regulations as to rate of speed, mode of use of tracks, and °°°' removal of ice and snow as in their judgment the interest and conven- " ience of the public may require. Should·the servants or agents of said company willfully or negligent1y violate such an ordinance or regulation as aforesaid shall be liable to the District of Columbia fora penalty . not exceeding five hundred dollars. · ' Sec. 14. That all articles of value that may be inadvertently left in Lost wicksany of the cars or other vehicles of the said company shall be taken to its principal depot and entered in a book of record of unclaimed goods, which book shall be open to the inspection of the public at all reasonable hours of business. Sec. 15. That said company shall,-on or before the fifteenth of Feb- A¤¤w·1¤¤1><>¤’¤· ruary of each year, make a report to Congress, through the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, of the names of all the stockholders comm. therein and the amount of stock held by each, together with adetailed statement of the receipts and expenditures within the District of · Columbia, from whatever source and on whatever account, for the preceding year ending December thirty-nrst, and such other facts as may be required by any general law of the District of Columbia, which report shall be veriiied by the ailidavit of the president and secretary of said company, and, if said report is not made within ten days thereafter, such failure shall of itself operate as a forfeiture of the privileges and rights hereby granted to said company, and it shall be the duty of the Commissioners to cause to be instituted proper judicial proceedings therefor; and said company shall pay to the District of Columbia, in Tues., lieu of personal taxes upon personal property, including cars and motive power, each year, four per centum of its gross earnings in the District of Columbia, which amount shall be payable to the collector of taxes at the times and in the manner that other taxes are now due and payable, and subject to the same penalties on arrears; and the franchise and slip for script;. property of said company, both real and personal, to a sufficient amount m°°. may be seized and sold in satisfaction thereof, as now provided by law ibr the sale of other property for taxes; and said per centum of its gross earnings shall be in lien of all other assessments of personal taxes upon its property used solely and exclusively in the operation and management of said railway. Its real estate shall be taxed as other real estate in the District of Columbia: Provided, That its tracks shall t ml _ not be taxed as real estate. misc ° ”° °° Sec. 16. That said company shall receive a rate of fare not exceed- Fming five cents per passenger, including transportation to the Virginia shore; and the said company may make arrangements with all exist- _ ing railway companies in the District of Columbia for the interchange _ of tickets in payment of fare on its road: Provided, That within the ggx limits of the District of Columbia six tickets shall be sold for twenty- ` tive cents. _ s’rAT—-voL xxvui--32