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498 FIFTYTHIBD CONGRESS. Sess. Il. Ch. 318. 1894. mfggyiv YM 0]; Sec. 17. That the said company shall have at all times the tree and am, mf °°°°°°° uninterrupted use of the roadway, subject to the rights of the public, and if any person or persons shall willfully, mischievously, and unlawfully obstruct or impede the passage of cars of said railway company with a vehicle or vehicles, or otherwise, or in any manner molest or interfere with passengers or operatives while in transit, or destroy or injure the cars of said railway, or depots, stations, or other property belonging to the said railway company, the person or persons so offending shall forfeit and pay for each such offense not less than twenty-five nor more than one hundred dollars, to be recovered as other fines and penalties in said District, and shall remain liable, in addition to said penalty, for any loss or damage occasioned by his or her or their act as aforesaid; but no suit shall be brought unless commenced within sixty days after such offense shall have been committed. <>r<>¤¤i¤z ¤¤>¤r Sec. 18. That the said company shall have the right of way across '°°"°°` such other railways as are now in operation within the limits of the lines granted by this Act, and is hereby authorized to construct, at its own cost, its said road across such other railways, under the supervision and control of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia: -I’*·Wi•·>· Provided, That it shall not interrupt the travel of such other railways Ni’°*°m°°°"°°v°l` in such construction. - museum. or 1¤•¤¤¤¤- Sec. 19. That no person shall be prohibited the right to travel on any '°”’°°°' part of said road or ejected from the cars by the company’s employees for any other cause than that of being drunk, disorderly, or contagiously diseased, or refusing to pay the legal fare exacted, or to comply with the lawful general regulations of the company. otausmusmn or Sec. 20. That in the event the company should not be able to come l""" """'°‘ to an agreement with the owner or owners of any land through which the said road may be located or pass, proceedings for the condemnation for the use of the company of so much of said land as may be required, not exceeding nity feet in width, may be instituted under the provisions P IF,} D- °·· ***1*- “· of chapter eleven, Revised Statutes,relating to the District of Columbia: `ériwuo. Provided, That any property owner shall have the right of trial by jury °‘"'°"' "¥"‘“· in any such issue. ' Approval or plans, Sec. 21 That all plans relating to the location and construction of °‘°· said railway shall be subject to the approval of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia-, or their successors, and all work shall at all r¤•pma0¤,m. times be subject to their supervision. The said corporation shall from time to time deposit with the collector of taxes, District of Columbia, such amounts as may be deemed necessary by said Commissioners to cover the cost of inspection, supervision, pavement, and repairs. mT,¤;=:¤• wi f¤rry ¤ Sec. 22. That the tracks and ferry of said company within the Dis- ° y' trict of Columbia shall be deemed and taken to be a public highway, to ' I"se by tum com- the extent that they may be freely used for the passage of cars by the """‘ Falls Church and Potomac Railway Company from such point as said company may connect with the Washington, Alexandria and Mount Vernon Electric Railway Company, and may run its cars to the eastern gw of ¤·¤¤¤ motive terminus of said latternamcd company’s road. And the cars of said ’° "' Falls Church and Potomac Railway Company shall be propelled over the said line, from said junction to said eastern terminus, by the motive power of said Vlfashington, Alexandria and Mount Vernon Electric Railway Company, and the said Falls Church and Potomac Railway _ Company shall have the right to collect fares on its said cars as fully as ,,.§,°Q';f'_fgf"‘°“ ‘°’ if operating that portion of the line in its own right. But said Falls Church and Potomac Railway Company shall make just compensation for the use of said track, ferry, and motive power; and in case any dispute should arise concerning such compensation or manner of use any party in interest may apply to the supreme court of the District of Columbia, which court is hereby empowered to Hx the amount to be paid for such use and motive power and the mode in which such use gmgibns Em may be enjoyed: Provided. That the limitations, requirements, and ’ restrictions imposed by this Act upon the Washington, Alexandria