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184 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 252 1896. neglect to account for or pay over to the proper officer any fee received or collected by him shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by a fine of not less than fifty dollars nor more than five hundred dollars, or by imprisonment, at the discretion of the court, not exceeding tive years, or by both such line and imprisonment. Circuit ¢·>¤¤.¤°¤· Sec. 19. That the terms of office of all commissioners of the circuit gig?-'3I$;r:adli°si‘m°P°d courts heretofore appointed shall expire on the thirtieth day of June, i%§;;,°°·°”·P·1°°· eighteen hundred and ninetyseven; and such office shall on that day mrc3am1L, m. cease to exist, and said commissioners shall then deposit all the records and other official papers appertaining to their offices in the office of the clerk of the circuit court by which they were appointed. All proceedings pending, returnable, unexecuted, or unfinished at said date before any such commissioner shall be continued and disposed of according to District ¤¤¤r¤ <><>¤·· law by such commissioner appointed as herein provided, as may be des- $i§{°§E?" t° b° W ignated by the district court for that purpose. It shall be the duty of the district court of each judicial district to appoint such number of persons, to be known as United States commissioners, at such places in the district as may be designated by the district court, which United States commissioners shall have the same powers and perform the same duties as are now imposed upon commissioners of the circuit courts. The appointment of such United States commissioners shall be entered of record in the district courts, and notice thereof at once given by the clerk to the Attorney-General. That such United States commission- T¤¤¤· ¤*¤· ers shall hold their offices, respectively, for the term of four years, but they shall be at any time subject to removal by the district court; and ` no person shall at any time be a clerk or deputy clerk of a United States court and a United States commissioner without the approval of

~¤<•<>· mmm the Attorney·General!Providcd, That all acts and parts of acts applimgmmm. cable to commissioners of the circuit courts, except as to appointment

' and fees, shall be applicable to United States commissioners appointed 1;;*:***** ¤’**°¤‘¤° "· under this Act. Warrants of arrest for violations of internal-revenue ` laws may be issued by United States commissioners upon the sworn · complaint of a United States district attorney, assistant United States district attorney, collector or deputy collector of internal revenue, or revenue agent or private citizen, but no such warrant of arrest shall be issued upon the sworn complaint of a private citizen unless iirst 0¤¢1¤•- approved in writing by a United States district attorney. That United V States commissioners and all clerks inf United States courts are hereby _ _ authorized to administer oaths. I ,,,$§§$,§’,‘Q§,‘},§$,‘},‘f,{.‘1,{°°° Sec. 20. That no marshal or deputy marshal, attorney or assistant attorney of any district, jury commissioner, clerk of marshal, no bailiif, crier, juror, janitor of any Government building, nor any civil or military employee of the Government, except as in this Act provided, and no clerk or employee of any United States justice or judge shall have, nmivm. hold, or exercise the duties of the United States commissioner. And it shall not be lawful to appoint any of the officers named in this section receiver, or receivers in any case or cases now pending or that may be hereafter brought in the courts of the United States. m};§§jmj§jf"'°" °°'“‘ Sec. 21. That each United States commissioner shall be entitled to the following-named fees, and none other: Drawing a complaint, with oath and jurat to same, fifty cents; copy of complaint, with certificate to same, thirty cents; issuing warrant of arrest, seventy-tive cents; issuing a commitment and making copy of same, one dollar; entering a return, fifteen cents; issuing subpcena or subpoenas in any one case, with five cents for each necessary witness in addition to the first, twenty- five cents; drawing a bond of defendant and sureties, taking acknowledgment of same and justification of sureties, seventytive cents; for administering an oath (except to witness as to attendance and travel), ten cents; recognizance of all witnesses in a case, when the defendant or defendants are held for court, fifty cents; transcripts of proceedings, when required by order of court and transmission of original papers - to court, sixty cents; copy of warrant of arrest, with certificate to same,