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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 314. 1896. 209 Improving entrance to harbor at Key West, Florida: Continuing KW W¤¤*·F¤¤· improvement, eighty thousand dollars. Improving Charlotte Harbor and Pease Creek, Florida: Continuing 01=¤r1<>m.Fl¤. improvement, twenty thousand dollars. Improving Carrabelle Bar and Harbor, Florida, ten thousand dollars, °=¤=¤b¤¤¤ BM. FB which sum shall be used- in making a ten-foot channel from the mouth of Carrabelle River to the channel in the bay. Improving Mobile Harbor, Alabama: For maintenance of the chan- M<>bil¤,A1a· nel by dredging, sixty thousand dollars, ten thousand dollars of which may, in the discretion of the Secretary of War, be used for engineering and contingent expenses connected with the superintendence and inspection of the work of dredging carried on under the provisions of the joint resolution of Congress approved March sixteenth, eighteen P<¤¢.1>-467- hundred and ninety-six. Improving mouth and passesof Calcasieu River, Louisiana: Continu- °¤l·=¤¤*¤¤ Riv¤f· 1-*- ing improvement, eighty thousand dollars. Improving and maintaining ship channel in Galveston Bay, Texas: c¤1v¤¤r»¤1s»y.r¤x. Continuing improvement according to the existing project, fifty thou- . sand dollars. . For dredging the bar at Galveston, Texas, fifty thousand dollars. G=•1v¤¤¤>¤. Tex. Improving channel in West Galveston Bay, Texas: Continuing BW?} Gsiveswn improvement according to existing project, five thousand dollars. °y’ °" For the purpose of ascertaining the character and value of the improvements. made at the mouth of the Brazos River, Texas, by the £¤¤¤¤ River. '1`¤¤- Brazos River Channel and Dock Company, a board of engineers, one m.,.$'§"{,$f£Fa§'§Q”;€¥XZ} of whom shall be a civil engineer, to be appointed by the President, g;;¤¤¤l wi D¤¤k one a member of the Corps of Engineers of the United States Army, Wy` to be selected by the Secretary of War, and one a member of the Coast _ and Geodetic Survey, to be selected by the Superintendent of the Survey, shall personally make examination of the work done by said company for the purpo e of deepening the channel and removing the ba.r at or near the mouth of said river. It shall be the duty of the board so constituted to report the depth of water upon the bar at the time of their examination, the character of the work done and the cost of the same, together with the value of said work to the Government of the United States, and such other information as they may deem essential. Said board shall report the result of their investigation to the Secretary of lVar on or before the first Monday in December next, and the Secretary shall immediately transmit the report to Congress, and tive thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated to pay the expenses of the said board and for the services iaxptnm. of the said engineer, the amount of such compensation for said services to be iixed by the Secretary of War. Improving harbor at Sabine Pass, Texas: Continuing improvement, Sabine Pm. Texseventyfive thousand dollars: Prorided, That contracts may be zjrww. entered into by the Secretary of War for such materials and work as “°“““°°°‘ may be necessary to complete the present project of improvement, to be paid lbr as appropriations may from time to time be made by law, not to exceed in the aggregate one million and fifty thousand dollars, mma. exclusive of the amount herein and heretofore appropriated. Improving harbor at Ashtabula, Ohio: Continuing improvements, “”*‘“’“”‘·°l“°· fifty thousand dollars, of which amount not less than forty thousand dollars shall be applied toward the construction of breakwaters according to a project submitted in the Annual Report of the Chief of Engineers for eighteen hundred and ninety-tive. _ _ Improving harbor at Black River (Lorain), Ohio: Continuing improve- I·°¤¤*· 0*****- nnents, including necessary dredging between piers, thirty thousand dollars, and the Secretary of War is authorized and directed to cause a survey of said harbor to be made, and the cost of improvement to be estimated, with a view to providing better access to said harbor and the safety of boats therein. _ _ _ _ Improving harbor at Cleveland, Ohio: Continuing improvements, Clovelmmomc. srxr 1.-—vo1. 29-—-14