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210 F1FTY—FOUB'1‘H CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 314. 1896. eighty thousand dollars, to be used for extension of breakwaiser, according to plans heretofore adopted; also, for repair and rebuilding, as well as relocation, when desirable, of the piers and breakwater already constructed, and for widening and extending the channel between the piers and in the outer harbor and maintaining the necessary depth in _ accordance with report submitted March twenty-fifth, eighteen hunm_ dred and ninety-six: Provided, That contracts may be entered into by the Secretary of War for the completion of the above projects, to be paid for as appropriations may from time to time be made bylaw, the cost not to exceed in the aggregate one million three hundred and fifty- IE:!;:! f·>= ¤•* four thousand dollars: And provided also, That the Secretary of War " ’be directed to cause a survey to be made of the said breakwater a a heretofore planned, with a view of determining the advisability of changing the plan thereof so as to abandon the proposed construction of the eastern shore arm, and in lieu thereof extending the said breakwater eastward1y in a. general direction parallel with the shore; and the sums hereby appropriated, or authorized to be expended, may be expended in such manner as the Secretary of War may deem best for the improvement of said harbor. I'**¤’°**~ 0*** Improving harbor at Fairport, Ohio: Continuing improvement, thirty thousand dollars, of which amount not less than twenty thousand dollars shall be applied toward the construction of a breakwater according bo the project submitted third, eighteen hundred and ninetysix. mlm, om. Improving harbor at tron, Ohio: Continuing improvement sud making msensnury repairs to piers, eight thousand dollars. rmcu•¤¤,G¤b· Improving harbor at Port Clinton, Ohio: Continuing improvement, inclndingvnceessary rem six thousand dollars. E·°*·*°- Improving harbor at ¤sky,0hio: Gontinuingimprovcment, forty ·thousand dollars; with Secretary of War is directed to cause s survey to bomsde of the bafuttha mouth of the harbor and the oostof improvemont to be estimated, with a view to securing and maintaining a permanent navigable channel of suiioient depth next to Cedar Point. '¤·¤•·1··0¤·· Improving harbor at Toledo, Ohio: Continuing improvements of strailght channel through Maumee Bay, including necessary expense _ for redging and maintenance of the harbor, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, as part of which may be used in the discretion of the Secretary of War in removing shoal in the old channel and in extending the improvement up the Maumee River. "°¤¤i“°¤·°**’°- Improving harbor at Vermilion, Ohio: Continuing improvement, two thousand dollars. ¤¤¤¤··¤*~°\¤•· Improving harbor at Conneaut, Ohio: For improvements under existing plans, forty thousand dollars, of which amount not less than twenty thousand dollars shall be applied toward the construction of a. breakwater according to the project submitted March twentyfourth, eighteen hundred and ninety-six. 1¤¤biz¤¤ 0i¢y.1¤<r Improving outer harbor at Michigan City, Indiana: Continuing improvement, seventy thousand dollars. Improving inner harbor at Michigan City, Indiana: Continuing improvement, ten thousand dollars. WolfLakc,Ind. Improving outlet to Wolf Luke, Indiana, in accordance with the approved project for the improvement thereof, eight thousand dollars. Ghgaigr. Ill-. Cul--- Improving Calumet Harbor at Chicago, Illinois: Continuing improve "'°° “" "" ment, including the amended project submitted in the Annual Report of the Chief of Engineers for eighteen hundred and ninety-tive, seventy- five thousand dollars. Waukegan,!!!- Improving harbor at Waukegan, Illinois: Continuing improvement, twenty thousand dollars. cnsrumu, msn. Improving harbor at. Charlevoix and entrance to Pine Lake, Michigan: Continuing improvement, twenty thousand dollars. Fnnkfcrt. Mich. Improving harbor at Frankfort, Michigan: Continuing improvement, and repairs and providing a navigable depth of eighteen feet, fifteen thousand dollars.