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236 r1r·rr.roUn·r11 oorroamss. sms. 1. cu. 314. moo. mP3};¤,{,¤¤¥ •¤, mi SEO. 8. That the Secretary of War is hereby directed to cause pre- ' liminary examinations to be made at the following localities, to wit: Alabama. ALABAMA. Beginning at a point at or near the site selected for Look Numbered Thirteen on the Warrior River, and continuing up Valley River from its mouth, following the general course of said stream to Bessemer, Alabama, thence up the valley to Birmingham and beyond to Five Mile Creek, at a point where sufficient head can be obtained to supply water for that part of said canal between Five Mile Creek and Bessemer, Alabama. Said channel to have a minimum depth of six feet and be at least fifty feet in width at the water line. · ¤·¤¤>¤·¤*·- cnmonms. Humboldt Harbor, dredging same along city front. Napa River, to straighten channel from Napa to an point south of Carrs Bend and to make cut through Uarrs Bend. Petaluma Creek; straighten channel from railroad bridge to Donohue Landing. Sui un Creek. D•¤·*¤•· nnnnwnzn. ' Saint Jones Biver. Cedar Creek. liispillion (River. mma;. · 1*LORi1>A. Jupiter Inlet. Hillsboro Bx, from its confluence with Tampa Bay, through Hillsborn Bay and `ver to the city of Tampa. Crystal River. Cedar Keys. Clearwater Harbor. Inside passage from Punta Rassa to Charlotte Harbor. Orange River or Creek, to its confluence with the Caloosahatchee River and thence to the Gulf of Mexico. R_Chipola River, from Marianna to its connection with the Apalachicola 1ver. ¤¤¤¤*¤ 1L1.1N01s. The upper Illinois River and lower Des Plaines River, with a view to extension of navigation from Illinois River to Lake Michigan at or near Chicago. K¤¤»¤¤· Kansas. Neosho River, from the north line of Neosho County to the south line of Labette County, with a view to straightening and otherwise improving the channel of said river. K¤¤*¤°‘=Y· KENTUCKY. Treadwater River. ’·°“*°*’““‘· Lomsuiu. Bayou Grossetete. Maine. MAINE. Union River, near the city of Ellsworth, in Hancock County. South channel of branch of Penobscot River, in Frankfort, in Waldo County, with view of removing an old wreck, and estimate of cost thereof Boothbay Harbor. Chandlers River. with a view to its improvement by dredging from its mouth to the wharves at Jonesboro. '