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238 FIFTY-EOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 314. 1896

· Oyster Bay, Lloyd’s Harbor, with a view to its connection with Cold

` Spring Bay. " Channels to Far Rockaway and Inwood. ‘ Northport Harbor. Smithtown Harbor. Wallabout Channel, by cutting otf portion of island known as Cob Dock and securing width of three hundred feet and depth of twenty feet. Coney Island Channel, from Norton’s Point to the Bell Buoy to the depth of sixteen feet. t · Babylon Creek. Roslyn Harbor. Nm-ur Carolina. NORTH CAROLINA. ‘ For a jetty near Bogue Inlet in order to remove sand bars. Potecasi Creek. - Cashie River. Oregon _ OREGON. Alsea River, from head of tide water to upper Alsea Valley. Yaquina River, from the town of Yaquina to head of tide, including Big0Elk River to Sunset Quarry. · ng Tom River, hom mouth to town of Monroe. Harbor at Cape Lookout, Oregon, with a view to the construction of a harbor of refuge, and the estimated cost thereoil Santism River, from Jeiferson to Willamette River. _ Umpqua River, bar and entrance. ‘ Siietz River, bar and entrance. A ‘ Scappoose Bay, from its mouth to and including the lower portion of ‘ Scappoose Greek.o · Rhode rama. A _ ‘ RHODE Isnnm. Channel through Conanicut Island, Narragansett Bay. south 3am51m_ < SOUTH CAROLINA. Bartrand River. ‘ Texas. TEXAS. Channel between Brazos River and Galveston Bay. Wisconsin_ WISUCNSIN. Pcrtwing. Adwnl ARIZONA. Colorado River. W“8hgngt0¤_ WASHINGTON. Neah Bay, with a view to its improvement as a harbor of refuge. North River. North Fork of Lewis River to head of navigation or Etna. For the examination of sites, and report upon the practicability and desirability of constructing reservoirs, and other hydraulic works necessary for the storage and utilization of water, to prevent iloods and overflows, erosion of river banks and breaks of levees, and to reenforee the tlow of streams during drought and low—water seasons, at least one site each in the States of Wyoming and Colorado. Surveys <»r¤1¤r¤<r Sec. 9. That the Secretary of War is hereby directed, at his discretion, to cause surveys to be made and the cost of improvement to be estimated at the following localities, to wit: Arkansas. ARKANSAS. YVhite River, Batesville to Buffalo Shoals, with a view to improving by slack-water navigation.