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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 373. 1896. 305 and sixty cents per day from July iirst to December thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-five, inclusive, two hundred and seventy dollars and eight cents. ` To pay T. O. Towles for compiling and arranging for the Public T-0-Tcwlcs. Printer eulogies delivered in the House and Senate upon deceased members of the House in the Forty-fourth, Forty-fifth, Forty-sixth, and Forty seventh Congresses, three hundred dollars. To pay Harris A. Walters the ditlerence between the pay of a folder Hams A·“’¤*'*°*¤· and that of a messenger, at the rate of three dollars and sixty cents per day, from the tenth of December, eighteen hundred and ninety-five, to the thirtieth day of June, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, inclusive, three hundred and thirty-two dollars and fifty-two cents. To pay Henry H, Moler for extra services as assistant clerk to the H¤¤ry H-Mcler. gouse Committees on Invalid Pensions and on Pensions, five hundred - ollars. ‘ To pay C. M. Beach the difference between his salary and seven hun- ¤· M- B·>=·¤¤· dred and twenty dollars per annum from February twentieth to June thirtieth, eighteen- hundred and ninety-six, inclusive, under resolution of the House, one hundred and sixteen dollars and four cents. To pay W. P. Scott the difference between his salary and one thou- W-?- S°°“· sand dollars per annum from April first, eighteen hundred and ninety- six, to June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-seven, inclusive, under resolution of the House, three hundred and fifty dollars. To pay William C. Crawley the diiference between his pay as a mes- Wi11i¤m¤· Crawley- senger and that of assistant postmaster of the House, from March twenty-fourth until December second, eighteen hundred and ninety- live, five hundred and fifty-four dollars and seventy cents. JUDGMENTS, UNITED STATES COURTS. Judgments, umm States courts. For payment of the final judgments and decrees, including costs of suit, which have been rendered under the provisions of the Act of V¤l·¤4-1>·5°5· March third, eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, entitled “An Act to provide for the bringing of suits against the Government of the United States," certified to Congress at its present session by the Attorney- General in House Document Numbered Three hundred and forty-nine, and Senate Document Numbered Two hundred and seventy-nine, and which have not been appealed, three thousand and seventy-nine dollars and eighty-eight cents, together with such additional sum as may be necessary to pay interest on the respective judgments at the rate of four per centum per annum from the date thereof until the time this appropriation is made: Provided, That none of thejudgments herein provided msgfor shall be paid until the right of appeal shall have expired. ` For payment of thejudgment rendered by the United States circuit ·’””°° I·“°Y- court for the eastern district of Wisconsin in favor of James Lucy against the United States, four hundred dollars. JUDGMENTS, COURT OF CLAIMS. C€£:_€¤¤¤¢¤. 0¤¤r¤¤f For payment of the judgments rendered by the Court of Claims, reported to Congress at its present session in House Document Numbered three hundred and forty-four, except judgment numbered eighteen E¤~v¤¤¤· thousand seven hundred and eighty-three, in iavor of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad Company for twenty-one thousand six hundred and ninety-six dollars and sixty-eight cents, withdrawn by request of the Attorney-General, and in Senate Document Numbered Two hundred and seventy-seven, one million one hundred and thirty-seven thousand l and eighty-two dollars and fifty-four cents: Provided, That none of the [gw judgments herein provided for shall be paid until the right of appeal shall have expired. sryr L-vox. 29-—20