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314 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. OH. 386. 1896. ¤•v•*•**¤8 °¤°¤ available and may be used in payment of clerk him in third and fourth class separating post offices. R¤¤t·1izhr.•¤·1f¤¤1- For rent, light, and fuel for ilrst, second, and third class post-060es, fg?;;- tmdwlus one million six hundred thousand dollars: Provided, Thats there shall chess. not be allowed for the use of any thirdclass post-office for rent a sum iu excess of four hundred dollars, nor more than sixty dollars for fuel and lights, in any one year. ’“’°°““"°°“·’• For necessary miscellaneous and incidental items directly connected with lirst and second class p0st·0iHces, including furniture, one hundred gfwiyyn and fifty thousand dollars: Provided, That the Postmaster General, "’° `"°°' in his discretion, under such regulations as he shall prescribe, may authorize any of the postmasters of said offices 120 expend the fund he may allow them for such purposes without the written consent of the Postmaster-General. · A¤v¤r¤i¤i¤:- For advertising at first and second class post-offices, fifteen thousand ‘ dollars. FM **°“"*>‘· FREE-DELIVERY SERVICE. I·<>¢¢¤r ¤·¤·i¤¤- For pay of letter carriers, twelve million two hundred and forty thousand three hundred dollars; mmm mamry- For marine free-delivery service, three thousand five hundred dollars; nom mm. For horse hire allowance, three hundred and forhy—four thousand dollars; Cn f··r¤.<=w- For ear fare and bicycle allowance, one hundred and seventy thousand dollars F·¤¤¤·•>*¤- For streotilatter boxes, posts, and pedcstals, ifteen thousand ibur · hundred doliun; - For package boxes, ten thousand two hundred and fifty dollars;

  • °°**¤**°¤· Twelve mechanics in the six largest cities, exclusively employed in

repairing boxes and lacks and erecting boxes, planting posts and pedestsls, at nine hundred dollars per annum, fen thousand eight lumdred dollars; 1¤¤i¤¤¤¢•1¤- Incidental expenses, including repairs, painting, freight, straps, time cards, maps, directories, furniture, and so forth, twenty-four thousand dollars; In all, twelve million eight hundred and eighteen thousand two huu- {rw f b dred and fifty dollars: Provided, That ten per centum of the foregoing JECQ "'g° ° "amounts for free delivery service may be available interchangeably for expenditure on the objects named, but no one item of appropriation num rm auamy. sh all thereby be increased more than ten per centum: Provided further, That ten thousand dollars of this amount may be used to defray the expense of experiments in rural free delivery under the direction of the Postmaster-Genera.}, and that the amount heretotbre appropriated for this purpose and still unexpended be available for said experiments. S¤¤¤¤¤¤¤"· For stationery in post offices, fifty thousand dollars. Twi¤··- For wrapping twine, eighlzy thousand dollars. Paper. . For wrapping paper, fifty thousand dollars. °’°¤"‘*· For letter balzmces, scales, and test weights, and repairs to same, ten thousand dollars. t£H ····1i¤g. ew. Fur postmarkiug and rating stamps, and repairs to same, and ink ‘_ ‘ ‘ and pads for stamping and czmceling purposes, thirty thousand dollars. Pachirru ¤»·¤·»».··¤-. For packing boxes, sawdust, paste, and hardware, one thousand live hundred dollars. Pr*¤¤¤»;· For printing facing slips and cutting ame, card slide labels, blanks gn;} books of an urgent nature for the postal service, fifteen thousand 0 ars. C¤¤~·lingma•~hi¤•·»~- For rental of canceling machines, sixty thousand dollars. Pg;:Ln;i é;;;1¤¤ 0m·*1c1·: 01-* tum sncorm ASSISTANT POSTMASTER-GENERAL. Q3:;; ¤¤¤i\ ¤¤¤¤· For inland mail transportation, namely: Inland transportation by st§,rm{,w,,_ star routes, including beinporary service to newly established offices, five million three hundred and fifty-fonr thousand dollars.