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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. CHS. 373,386. 1896. 313 For pay of special assistant attorneys, United States courts, one m$P°¤i¤l ¤¤¤i¤*¤¤* We thousand eight hundred and eighty-six dollars and thirty-nine cents. m°y°` For fees of commissioners, United States courts, one thousand three 0<>¤¤¤¤i¤¤i<>¤¤r¤- hundred and fifty-tive dollars and five cents. For fees of witnesses, United States courts, nity-six dollars and Wilum *°°¤· seventy-five cents. CLAIMS ALLOWED nr THE Annrron Fon rrnn rosr- i·£l‘T£e.§‘$l$KZ’§$°‘{T OFFICE DEPARTMENT. mgjétal www For advertising, seventy-one dollars and twenty-four cents. A‘l"°*°i“*¤€- For mail depredation and post office inspectors, twenty-six dollars. D°P’°d=*'·*°¤¤· For star transportation, thirty-tour dollars and seventy-six cents. Sm ¤<>¤¤>¤- For railroad transportation, sixty·iour dollars and seventythree F=ii¤>¤¤ wurescents. , For railway postal clerks, twenty—‘seven dollars and thirty-nine cents. cfgjggway P°¤*¤l For clerk hire, three hundred and twenty-five dollars. ciei-ie inte. For rent, light, and fuel, sixty-one dollars. R•=¤t~—w· For compensation of postmasters, two hundred and fifty-four dollars Puwnestem. and ninety-one cents. · To enable the Post·Master General to pay to Mary M. Force, post- %l__;B¤3bM·F¤f•=¤£ master at Selma, Alabama. the sum advanced by her in eighteen hun-°"°m°° dred and ninety, in payment of horse hire and the increased salary of B. M. Russell, a carrier of said oince, when said account has been audited by the Auditor for the Post-Oiiice Department, if the same is found to be just, one hundred and twelve dollars and eighty-two cents, and said Auditor is empowered and required to audit said account. Approved, June 8, 1896. CHAP. 386.-An Act Making appropriations for the service of the Post-Oiiice gum, 9'1896_ Department for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety- ———»—~——;——— BGVBD. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, Hegel_ service epand they are hereby, appropriated lor the service of the Post-Ofiice P'°""°°‘°"°‘ Department, in conformity with the Act of July second, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, as follows: OFFICE OF THE Pos'rMAsTr:R—GENERAL. p,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,_G,,,,,,,,,,_ For advertising, five thousand dollars. Advertising. ‘ For miscellaneous items in the office of the Postmaster-General, one nieeeiinneene. thousand dollars. OFFICE OF THE FIRST ASSISTANT POSTMASTER·GENERAL. rim Assistant _ _ Postmaster-General. For compensation to postinasters, sixteen million two hundred and rneinnieiere. fifty thousand dollars: Provided, That no post-office established at any I{’~>v*··z·- . . · · 0Sf·0illC€*SIt(!0\l!1i, county seat shall be abolished or discontinued by reason of any con seats inteeeniinneai solidation of post-otiices made by the Postmaster-General under exist ing law, and any such post-ofiice at a county seat heretofore consolidated shall be established as a separate postotiice at such county seat; Pro· Exceptions. rided, liowerer, That this provision shall not apply to the city of Cambridge, Mnssachusetts, or to Towson, Maryland: And provided jnrther. new1mi0n onestab- That hereafter no station, substation, or branch post-otiice shall be {;jQ;:§°;°“"°“* °‘“d established beyond the corporate limits or boundaries of any city or town in which the principal oiiii-e to which such station, substation, or branch ofliee is attached is located, except in cases of villages, towns. or cities of fifteen hundred or more inhabitants not distant more than live miles as near as may be from the outer boundary or limits of such city or town in which the principal office is located. _ For compensation to clerks in postoffices., ten million four hundred M{,;__*j_fk° W P°¤*· thousand dollars; six hundred thousand dollars of which shall be