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312 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 373. 1896. ¥¤i¤• °°¤>•· For pay, Marine Corps, eleven dollars and forty cents. dB¤¤¤¤¤‘ ¤f N¤vis¤· For transportation, recruiting, and contingent, Bureau of Naviga- °°` tion, four dollars and forty-six cents. B"°°¤°*`0’“'*f*"°°· For contingent, Bureau of Ordnance, eighty-four dollars and seventy cents. . m£_‘;f°°‘“ °* E‘l“*l" ·For equipment of vessels, Bureau of Equipment, one thousand three hundred and forty-six dollars and twenty-four cents. For contingent, Bureau of Equipment, one hundred and seventy-nine dollars and seventy-seven cents. D2;§""°*`Y“’““ ’“" For maintenance, Bureau of Yards and Docks, twenty-one cents. B¤¤—•=·¤ ¤f S¤m>1i¤• For contingent, Bureau of Supplies and Accounts, eight hundred and “"° ‘*°""""”“‘ sixty dollars and thirteen cents. mg_··_¤‘:=5¤,g: <;·;;·*·¤·> For construction and repair, Bureau of Construction and Repair, Pforty-six dollars and sixteen cents ` g,f:b',§;‘;"S“‘“E“‘ For steam machinery, Bureau of Steam Engineering, thirty-five cents. mgmt. For six first-class frigates, two dollars and sixty-five cents. D°•**°F•>•* °l°*M¤¢· For destruction of clothing and bedding for sanitary reasons, forty- _ three dollars. E"“"“"“""°“"*‘°’· For enlistment bounties to seamen, five hundred and sixty-six dollars and sixtyeight cents. §g*t•g,°¤•;§0¤¤"*¤¤- For extra pay to officers and men who served on the Pacific Coast ’P'Act of March third, eighteen hundred and fifty-three, two hundred and seventy-nine dollars and forty-five cents. Ium¤D*¤d*M Qr CLAIMS ALLOWED BY THE AUDITOR FOB THE INTERIOR ' DEPARTMENT. B°°°‘“”* For repayment to receivers of public moneys for excess of deposits, twenty cents. ¤¤¤¤r1¤:» For surveying the public lands, twelve thousand tlve hundred and eighty-six dollars and twenty-three cents. I'”F“* °°PP“°’~ For telegraphing, and purchase of Indian supplies, three thousand _ one hundred and ninety-one dollars and one cent. T’““'*‘°"‘*'°“· For transportation of Indian supplies, three hundred and twenty-four - dollars and eighty-eight cents. Df{:g{j°”*”‘°· S°“*** For incidentals in South Dakota, eight dollars and fifty cents. rsusitps. For army pensions, thirty-six dollars. E"""'“’“*""’*°°"· For tees of examining surgeons, navy pensions, four dollars. ,,$*,;*¤·g;_;*···*{g* g CLAIMS ALLOWED BY THE AUDITOR Fon THE STATE mum. “N AND OTHER DEPARTMENTS. ”°P*""‘°”°°""”'·· DEPARTMENT or scurn. "f,jj'°*•"*'• °' '°¤· For salaries, secretaries of legations, ten dollars and thirty cents. cuulasgenttxpmw., For contingent expenses, United States consulate , seventy-nine "'f‘““""’*‘· dollars and seventy-four cents. ,:fjj_;,‘;°° *" ’*"""‘°““ For pay of consular officers for services to American vessels and seamen, twelve dollars and fifty cents. ¤__l:]v;·:_r¢¤¤···¤¤··¢Asri· DEPARTMENT OF AGBIGULTURE. C"“'*"¤°‘“*°‘P*""*°¤· For contingent expenses, Department of Agriculture, six hundred and ninety-one dollars and twenty-three cents. W¤¤¤¤¤¤r ¤¤·r¤»¤¤- For general expenses, Weather Bureau, one hundred and eighteen dollars and thirty- even cents. u£f’p""""‘"'· "f J““‘ DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. M¤¤¤¤l¤- For salaries, district marshals. nine dollars and thirty-four cents. For fees and expenses of marshals, United States courts, four thousand one hundred and thirty-one dollars and thirty cents.