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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 398. 1896. 335 heretofore provided for in appropriations under “Fulfilling treaty with V°U°·P-”"- Sioux of diilerent tribes," and so forth, thirty-five thou and dollars; in all, fifty thousand dollars. s1ssE·roN AND WAHPETON INDIANS- pjgsfm"' '“‘d Wm For ninth of thirteen installments of eighteen thousand four hundred dollars each, to be paid per capita, as per third article of agreement with the Sisseton and Wahpeton Indians, dated September v.,;_2,,,,,_m,_ twelfth, eighteen hundred and eighty-nine, ratified by Act of March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, eighteen thousand four hundred dollars. sr·oKANEs. s,,.,k,,,,,,_ For fifth of ten installments, to be expended, under the direction of d.f{;;°gl *¤ 9*;;* the Secretary of the Interior, in the removal of the Spokane Indians to em. °°"° the Cceur d’Alenc Reservation, in erecting suitable houses, in assisting them in breaking lands, in furnishing them with cattle, seeds, agricultural implements, saw and grist mills, threshing machines, mowers, clothing, and provisions; in taking care of the old, sick, and infirm; in affording educational facilities, and in any other manner tending to · their civilization and self—support, as per article five of agreement with said Indians dated March eighteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty- V0}-27,p.13¤. seven, ratified by Act of Congress approved July thirteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, five thousand dollars: Provided, That any i’;*,·{2>i··>- moneys heretofore or hereafter to be appropriated for the removal of s»vsti$§§_°° °°h°"°°` said Spokane Indians to theCceur d’Alene Reservation shall be expended ' for such members of the tribe who have removed or shall remove to the Colville, Spokane, or J ocko reservations; For pay of a blacksmith and carpenter to do necessary work and to B"*"k”'“m*·°*°· instruct the said Indians in those trades, one thousand dollars each, per sixth article of said agreement, two thousand dollars; For fourth of ten installments of one hundred dollars each, to Chiefs E¤*¤t$f¤ Louis and Louis and Enoch, as per article nine of said agreement, two hundred °°° ‘ dollars; in all, seven thousand two hundred dollars. courmimirarub BANDS OF Urns. Bgltg- ¤¤¤f¤<1¤r¤¤~d For pay of two carpenters, two millers, two farmers, and two black- C¤¤·pe¤¢m.¤:¤. smiths, as per tenth article of treaty of October seventh, eighteen :,:};::"‘3 hundred and sixty-three, and nfteenth article of treaty of March second 'P` eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, six thousand seven hundred and twenty dollars; For pay of two teachers, as per same article of same treaty, one thousand eight hundred dollars; For purchase of iron and steel, and the necessary tools for black- V¤1.1¤.p.¤21. smith shop, per ninth article of same treaty, two hundred and twenty . dollars- For t,wenty-eighth of thirty installments, to be expended under the ¤l·>¤¤i¤s-•¢¤· direction of the Secretary of the Interior for clothing, blankets, and v.,;_;5_,,_,m such other articles as he may deem proper and necessary, under eleventh article of same treaty, thirty thousand dollars; For annual amount for the purchase of beet, mutton, wheat, flour, $‘;‘°·15' m beans, and potatoes, or other necessary articles of food, as per twelfthP` article of same treaty, thirty thousand dollars; _ For pay of employees at the several Ute agencies, five thousand dol- E¤Pl°>’°°¤- lars; in all, seventy-three thousand seven hundred and forty dollars. _ SOUTBEBN UTES IN COLORADO. m§gstb¤¤U¤¤.¤¤b To carry out the provisions of the Act of February twentieth, eight- {.¤;,f;:,fg5,·j¤•- een hundred and ninety-five, the Secretary of the Interior shall cause rations and supplies to be issued each month at Ignacio, La Plata County, Colorado, and at Arboles, Archuleta County, Colorado, to all