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336 FIF'1"Y—FOUBTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 398. 1896. Southern Ute Indians to whom lands have been allotted and who are sA1¤¢¤°{) gt N=*"¤i° residing on their allotments. And the Secretary of the Interior shall mugs' ° °' establish an agency on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation, at Navajo Springs, in the county of Montezuma, Colorado, and shall cause rations and supplies to be issued each month or oftener at that point to all Southern Ute Indians who have not elected to take land in severalty, under the provisions of the Act entitled *'·An Act to disapprove the treaty heretofore made with the Southern Ute Indians to be removed to the Territory of Utah, and providing for settling them in severalty _ when they may so elect and are qualified, and to settle all those not cleding to take lands in severalty on the west forty miles of the present reservation and in portions of New Mexico, and for other purposes, and to carry out the provisions of the treaty with said Indians June fifteenth., eighteen hundred and eighty," approved February twentieth, et htven hundred and ninety-five. _ Azemy ¤¤i1¤i¤z¤ lor the erection of suitable agency buildings on said reservation at Navajo Springs, Montezuma County, Colorado, for the use of such Southern Ute Indians as have not elected to take allotments of land in severalty, ten thousand dollars, to be immediately available. Winncb¤8°°s· WINNEBAGOES. ‘ 1¤=¤¤·M· For interest on eight hundred and four thousand nine hundred and nine dollars and seventeen cents, at live per centum per annum, per "°*·'·P·5*—i· fourth article of treatyuezf November tu-st, eighteen hundred and thirty- va 12, p. m. _ seven, and Joint; Beso ion of July seventeenth,eigbteeu hundred and sixty-two, {orgy thousand two hundred and forty-tive dollars and forty five cents; an the Secretary of the Interior is hereby directed to expend said interest for the support, education, and civilization of said Indians; vu. m,p.zss. For irrteresfon seventy-eight thousand three hundred and forty dollars and forty-one cents, at live per centum per annum, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, for the erection of houses improvement of their allotments of land, purchase of stock, agricultural implements, seeds, and other beuencial objects, three thousand nine hundred and seventeen dollars and two cents; in all, forty- tour thousand one hundred and sixty-two dollars and iorty-seven cents. 0¤·=<·¤;f•;¤‘ ri¤r(§¤gir• That any sums of money hereafter to be paid per capita to individual p°y"'°” ° ° ° ° s` Indians shall be paid to said Indians by an officer of the Government designated by the Secretary of the Interior. Miscellaneous sup· MISCELLANEOUS SUPPOBTS. ports 05E2y3f:; Qi:,:':: For subsistence and civilization of the Apaches, Kiowas, Comanches, m.’ Wichitas, and aililiated bands who have been collected in the reservagoas set apart for their use and occupation, one hundred thousand 0 ars. Cb¤;*_;_r!:h*·~¤ ¤¤·\ For subsistence and civilization of the Arapahoes and Oheyennes who Y ”‘ have been collected on the reservations set apart for their use and occupation, ninety thousand dollars. Su€¤ig;¤*‘¤¤· Leke For support and civilization of the Chippewas of Lake Superior, p° ‘ Wisconsin, to be expended for agricultural and educational purposes, pay of employees, includin g pay of physician, at one thousand two hundred dollars, purchase of goods and provisions, and for such other purposes as may be deemed for the best interest of said Indians, seven thousand one hundred and twenty-five dollars. Lgigipgg alstfw For support and civilization of Chippewas of Red Lake and Pembina °" "’ ’ trilye of Chippewas, Minnesota, and for pay of employees, ten thousand do lars. Cliivqswai; White For support of the Otter-Tail, Pillai ger, Pembina and Mississi i Emil Mm °m°’ Chippewa Indians, on the Wlnite Earth Reservation,’in Dlinnesotapgo assist them in their agricultural operations, and for pay of physician, not to exceed one thousand two hundred dollars, ten thousand dollars.