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362 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 399. 1896. ing; care of library, including purchase of books, photographs, prints, manuscripts, and periodicals; fcrriage, tolls, and express fees; costs of suits; commissions, warrants, diplomas, and discharges; relief of vessels in distress; canal tolls and pilotage; recovery of valuables from shipwrecks; quarantine expenses; reports; professional investigation; cost of special instruction, at home or abroad, in maintenance of students and attaches and information from abroad, and the collection and classification thereof, and other necessary incidental expenses, two hundred and sixty thousand dollars. i <>¤¤¤¤z·¤¤~ CONTINGENT, NAVY: For all emergencies extraordinary expenses arising at home or abroad, but impossible to be anticipated or classified, exclusive of personal services in the Navy Department, or any of its subordinate bureaus or offices, at Washington, District of Columbia, seven thousand dollars. m}j_·}*•>•¤ 0* Nmv BUREAU or NAVIGATION. G¤¤¤¤¤· ¤¤¤¤i¤¤¤- GUNNERY ExE1zo1sEs: For prizes for excellence in gunnery exercises and target practice; diagrams and reports of target practice; for the establishment and maintenance of targets and ranges, for hiring estab— lished ranges, and for transporting to and from ranges, six thousand dollars. ocmiua me mr- OCEAN AND LAKE SURVEYS: For ocean and lake surveys; the pub- """ lication and care of the results thereof; the purchase of nautical books, charts, and sailing directions, and freight and express charges on same; preparing and engraving on copper plates the surveys of the Mexican coasts, and the publieiation of ahseries gfflharts of the coasts of Central and South America ourteent onsan dollars. mgvv=~¤**·=¤· l···¤¤· Bounrms ron. durrirrs Fon NAVAL Arrnnnricnsz For bounties ` for outfits of seven hundred and fifty naval apprentices, at forty-five dollars each, thirty-three thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars. nwmsmg, mm- BEGRUITING, TRANSPORTATION, AND CONTINGENT, BUREAU OF P°’°*°*°°·°‘°· NAVIGATION: For expenses of recruiting for the naval service; rent of rendezvous and expenses of maintaining the same; advertising for men and boys, and all other expenses attending the recruiting for the naval service, and for the transportation of enlisted men and boys at home and abroad; for heating apparatus for receiving and training ships, and extra expenses thereof; for freight, telegraphing on public business, postage on letters sent abroad, ferriage, ice, apprehension of deserters and stragglers, continuous-service certificates, discharges, good-conduct badges, and medals for boys, schoolbooks for training ships, packing boxes and materials, and other contingent expenses and emergencies arising under cognizance of the Bureau of Navigation, unforeseen, and impossible to classify, forty-five thousand dollars. Nmnmn¤¤,N¤w· NAVAL STATION, NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND: For maintenance of

  • ‘°"·R·I· office of coinmandant; fuel, stationery, books, furniture, freight, and

other contingent expenses, one thousand dollars. _>r¤~·¤1¢¤¤¤¤¤g m- NAVAL TRAINING SrA·r1oN, CoAsTERs HAnno1z ISLAND, Rnoms ""’“· Is1,AND (ron APPBENTICES): For dredging channels, repairs to main causeway, roads, and grounds, extending sea wall, and the employment of such labor as may be necessary for the proper care and preservation of the same; for repairs to wharf and sea wall; for repairs and improvements on buildings, heating, lighting, and furniture for same; books and stationery, freight and other contingent expenses; purchase of food and maintenance of live stock. and mail wagon, and attendance on same; and purchase of fresh water, thirty thousand dollars; install ing water supply from city waterworks, two thousand five hundred dollaps; in all,lthirty-two thousand five hundred dollars, to be imme- R diate y avai a e. _n1j=g;·jpeVg:rS§;yg])gz¤ NAVAL WAR COLLEcn AND Toernno Scnooi. on COASTERS ` HARBOR ISLAND, RHODE ISLAND: For maintenance of the Naval War College and Torpedo School on Coasters Harbor Island. and care of