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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 420. 1896. 419 for the use of the Light-House Board, and other incidental expenses, three hundred and eighty-five thousand dollars. Rnrnns or Lrenr-nousns: For repairing, rebuilding, and improv- R¤r¤i¤- ing light-houses and buildings; for improvements to grounds connected therewith; for establishing and repairing pier head and other beacon lights; for illuminating apparatus and machinery to replace that already in use; and for incidental expenses relating to these various objects, five hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Snmms or imnrnns or LIGHT-HOUSES! For salaries, fuel, rations, K¤¤r¤r·' ¤¤1¤i¤=·- rent of quarters where necessary, and similar incidental expenses of not exceeding one thousand two hundred and fifty light-house and fogsignal keepers, and laborers attending other lights, six hundred and ninety-five thousand dollars. EXPENSES OF LIGHT-VESSELS: For seamen’s wages, rations, repairs, I-*8*** "°¤¤°*¤· salaries, supplies, and temporary employment and incidental expenses of light-vessels, three hundred thousand dollars. Exrmrsns or nuovxan: For expenses of establishing, replacing, *’“°Y“¤° and maintaining buoys of any and all kinds, spindles, and day beacons, and for incidental expenses relating thereto, four hundred and thirty thousand dollars. To establish gas buoys at or near the following-named places in the G" "“°’°· Saint Lawrence River: One at Charity Shoals, one at Featherbed Shoals, one at Rock Island Point, one near the Sisters Island Light, one at Sunken Rock, one at Bay State Shoals, one at the Lower Narxéovlgs, and one at entrance upper harbor, Ogdensburg, four thousand o ars. Exrnusns or- Foe srcuursz For establishing, replacing, duplicat- F¤z¤fs¤¤1¤- ing, and improving fog signals and buildings connected therewith, and for repairs and incidental expenses of the same, ninety thousand dollars. Lrourmo or mvnns: For establishing, supplying, and maintaining Li¢'¤°*¤8 °‘*i*¤¤- post lights on the Hudson and East rivers, New York; the Raritan River, New Jersey; Connecticut River, Thames River, between Norwich and New London, Connecticut; the Delaware River, between Philadelphia and Bordentown, New Jersey; the Elk River, Maryland; York River, Virginia; Cape Fear River, North Carolina; Savannah River, Georgia; Saint Johns and Indian rivers, Florida; at Chicott Pass, and to mark navigable channel along Grand Lake, Louisiana; at the mouth of Red River, Louisiana; on the Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Illinois, and Great Kanawha rivers; Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers, California; on the Columbia and Willamette rivers, Oregon; on Puget Sound, Washingtoii Sound, and adjacent waters, Washington; and the channels in Saint Louis and Superior bays, at the head of Lake Superior; the Light·House Board being hereby authorized to lease the necessary ground thr all such lights and beacons as are for temporary use or are used to point out changeable channels, and which in consequence can not be made permanent, three hundred thousand dollars. SURVEY OF me-HT-Hovsrl SITES: For preliminaryexaminations,sur- ¤¤**°>’ ¤*'¤***¤· veys, and plans for determining the proper sites and cost of light-houses and structures for which estimates are to be made to Congress, one thousand dollars. LIFE·SAVING SERVICE. L****"*¤¢•°"*=·- For salaries of superintendents for the life- saving stations as follows; $¤P··‘*¤*·>¤•-l¤·*¤· For one superintendent for the coasts of Maine and New Hampshire, one thousand six hundred dollars; For one Superintendent for the coast of Massachusetts, one thousand six hundred dollars; For one superintendent for the coasts of Rhode Island and Long Island, one thousand eight hundred dollars; For one assistant superintendent for the coasts of Rhode Island and Long Island, one thousand two hundred dollars; For one superintendent for the coast of New Jersey, one thousand eight hundred dollars;