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432 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 420. 1896. convicts, lunatics, idiots, and persons liable to become a public charge, from foreign contiguous territory, one hundred thousand dollars. I·=·¤¤¤·¤¤·~ LANDS AND OTHER PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES: For custody, care, protection, and expenses of sales of lands and other property of the United States, the examination of titles, recording of deeds, advertising, and auctioneers’ fees, four hundred dollars. {jaw? To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to pay to John Lampman, of Alexandria, Minnesota for capturing, arresting, and procuring the con- ` viction of Thomas F. Truman and John Martin for breaking into the United States post-office at Alexandria, Minnesota, on the eleventh day of April, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, and stealing therefrom money of the United States to the amount of one hundred and eighty- one dollars and twenty-one cents, together with a large number of postage stamps of the United States, one hundred and fifty dollars. Q¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ ¤¤¤i¤¤· QUARANTINE SE11v10E. ““*”““““°°· For the maintenance and ordinary expenses, including pay of officers and employees of quarantine stations at Delaware Breakw ater, Reedy Island, Cape Charles and supplemental station, South Atlantic Station, Southport, Brunswick, Key West, hereafter to be known as the Tortugas Quarantine Station, Gulf, San Diego, San Francisco, and Port Townsend, one hundred and thirty-one thousand dollars. dlklevention of epi- PREVENTION OF BPH)EHICS. III10D. . The President of the United States is hereby authorized, in case ot threatened or actual epidemic of cholera, yellow fever, smallpox, or Chinese plague or black death, to use the unexpended balance of the sums appropriated and reappropriated by the sundry civil appropria- Vvl ¤·v-M tion Act approved March second, eighteen hundred and ninety-tive, or so much thereof as may be necessary, in aid of State and local boards, or otherwise, in his discretion, in preventing and suppressing the spread of the same; and in such emergency in the execution of any quarantine laws which may be then in force. mgnpsrier D¤¤•¤‘*# UNDER THE DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. P,;•;:::g_§a{gg:·· Fonnsrnn LANDS or THE UNITED STATES: To enable the Secre- " tary of the Interior to meet the expenses of an investigation and report by the National Academy of Sciences on the inauguration of a national forestry policy for the forested lands of the United States, twenty·ilve thousand dollars. Public buildings. PUBLIC BUILDINGS. K¤r¤·**¤· REPAIRS or BUILDINGS, INTERIOR DEPARTMENT: For repairs of Interior Department and Pension buildings, five thousand dollars. Qgllghgg Fon THE CAPITOL: For work at Capitol, and for general repairs ' thereof, including wages of mechanics and l8b01'0I‘8, thirty thousand dollars. F¤¤z··- To provide flags for the east and west fronts of the center of the _ Capitol, to be hoisted daily under the direction of the Capitol police board, one hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. Ql•¤¤*¤¤ *0** °* For continuing the work of cleaning and repairing works of art in the "' Capitol, including the repairing of frames, under the direction of the Joint Committee on the Library, one thousand five hundred dollars. M§°*'“·¤· °°°·· Sw For necessary repairs and improvements to the steam-healing and ' ventilating apparatus of the Senate, including air ducts, elevators, legislative bell service, and all machinery relating thereto in the Senate wing of the Capitol, including the Supreme Court, under the direc tion of the Architect of the Capitol, four thousand six hundred dollars. €·r>i¤>¤¤¤>¤¤¤·· Imzpnovmc THE CAPITOL enomvns: For continuing the work of