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436 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. SEss. I. Ch. 420. 1896. C¤¤¤¤i¤¤l¥°¤•¤¤*¤*¤¤¤= For chemical and physical researches relating to the geology of the United States, seven thousand dollars; m""“*°””· For the preparation of the illustrations of the Geological Survey, thirteen thousand dollars; Mi¤¤¤1¤*¤•>¤*°°¤· For the preparation of the report of the mineral resources of the United States, twenty thousand dollars; Books- For the purchase of necessary books for the library, and the payment for the transmission of public documents through the Smithsonian exchange, two thousand dollars; M¤x>¤- For engraving and printing the geological maps of the United States, sixty thousand dollars; and hereafter the Director of the Geological Survey, with the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, is authorized to sell copies of topographical maps with text at cost and ten per centum added; Gaugingwmr ¤¤v· For gauging the streams and determining the water supply of the Pb" United States, including the investigation of underground currents aml artesian wells in arid and semiarid sections, and the preparation of reports upon the best methods of utilizing the water resources of said sections, fifty thousand dollars; num. For rent of office rooms in Washington, District of Columbia, four thousand two hundred dollars; In all, for the United States Geological Survey, four hundred and eighty-nine thousand one hundred dollars. 1£i¤•¢¤‘¤U¤¤d¤,M¤¤- MINERAL LANDS IN MONTANA AND IDAHO. tuna and Idaho. V clgxigymgjgkggnpgf For compensation of the twelve commissioners appointed under the time umu. Act of February twenty-sixth, eighteen hundred and ninety-tive, to v01.zs,p.sss. examine and classify certain lands within the land-grant and indemnity land-grant limits of the Northern Pacific Railroad Company, in the States of Montana and Idaho, with special reference to the mineral or Prvvim- nonmineral character of such lands, twenty-five thousand dollars: Pro- €¤¤¤x¤>¤¤¤¤¤¤· vided, That said commissioners shall be paid at the rate of ten dollars a day each while actually engaged in the performance of their duties, which amount shall include their transportation and subsistence expenses, and that the total amount of compensation to be paid to each commissioner annually shall in no case exceed the sum of two thousand five hundred dollars; M¤¤u1¤l>‘¤>r<>¤¤- For publication of the monthly reports liled by said commissnmers in the office of the register and receiver of the Bozeman, Helena, and Missoula land districts, in the State of Montana, and the Coeur d’Alene 1~¤x1>¤¤·»··»~ land district, in the State of Idaho; and for the expenses pertaining to hearings ordered by, and conducted betbre, said registers and receivers, ten thousand dollars; “'·*¤°¤’**¥’*""’· For the payment of stenographers employed by said commissioners when authorized by the Commissioner of the General Land Office, for the purpose of reducing testimony to writing in cases where it is found inecessun-y to examine n itnesses in order to establish the character of lands examined by said commissioners, one thousand dollars; in all, thirtysix thousand dollars. Supreme- Court re- SUPREDIE COURT REPORTS. ports. To pay the reporter of decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States for seventy six copies, each, of volumes one l1llIldl'€(l and sixty- four to one hundred and sixty-six, inclusive, of the United States \’ol.25,p.66l. Reports. at a rate not exceeding two dollars per volume, under the provisions of section two of the Act of February twelfth, eighteen hundred and eighty-nine, four hundred and fifty-six dollars. ,,§,ff_§°{},‘;';‘;‘;fH°“P" GOVERNMENT nosrrrxr. ron Tru-: rxsxxn. H~<w·¤>~r¤· For cttlrreut expenses of the GOV€l'IlIIl€llt HOSplt3.l for the Insane: For support, clothing, and treatment in the Government Hospital ior the Insane of the insane from the Army and Navy, Marine Corps,