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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 420. 1896. 451 surgical supplies, and all other articles required for the care and treatment of sick prisoners, and for expenses of interment of deceased prisoners, one thousand dollars; For advertising in newspapers, including proposals for supplies and A•l*¤¤iS*¤e· other necessary advertisements, one hundred dollars; For salaries, including pay of officials and employees, as follows: Swedes- `Warden, three thousand five hundred dollars; deputy warden, two thousand dollars; chaplain, one thousand five hundred dollars; physician, nine hundred dollars; hospital steward, nine hundred dollars; chief clerk, one thousand eight hundred dollars; bookkeeper, one thousand two hundred dollars; stenographer, nine hundred dollars; storekeeper and steward of prison, nine hundred dollars; superintendent of industries, one thousand five hundred dollars; superintendent of transportation, animals, and farm, one thousand dollars; janitor and messenger, six hundred dollars; organist at chapel, iitty-two dollars; captains of watch, one thousand eight hundred dollars; guards, thirty-six thousand dollars; teamsters, nine hundred and sixty dollars; one engineer, one thousand two hundred dollars; one assistant engineer and electrician, nine hundred dollars; in all, fifty-five thousand nine hundred and twelve dollars; For industries and repairs, including employment of fbremen, machin- R°P“*”·°*°· ist, shoemaker, harness maker, brickmaker, carpenter, blacksmith, stone mason, tailor, and tinner, when necessary, and for the purchase of materials for construction and repair of prison buildings, fifteen thousand dollars; in all, one hundred and thirty-one thousand two hundred and twelve dollars. For rent of United States court rooms, eighty thousand dollars. Rm- For pay of bailiffs and criers, not exceeding three bailitis and one Beiihhetccrier in each court, except in the southern district of New York: Pro- Qgjfjfgtteudance vided, That all persons employed under section seven hundred and· R.S.,sec.715,p.136i tiiteen of the Revised Statutes shall be deemed to be in actual attendance when they attend upon the order of the courts: And provided further, That no such person shall be employed during vacation; of V¤¢¤¤i<>¤¤·<*tvreasonable expenses for travel and attendance of district judges directed to hold court outside of their districts, not to exceed ten dollars per day each, to be paid on written certificates of the judges, and such payments shall be allowed the marshal in the settlement of his accounts with the United States; expenses of judges of the circuit courts of appeals; of meals and lodgings for jurors in United States cases, and of bailiifs in attendance upon the same, when ordered by the court; and of compensation for jury commissioners, five dollars per day, not exceeding three days for any one term of court, one hundred and ten thousand dollars. For payment of such miscellaneous expenses as may be authorized Miscellaneous. by the Attorney-General, for the United States courts and its officers, including the furnishing and collecting of evidence where the United States is or may be a party in interest, and moving of records, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. UNDER LEGISLATIVE. L¤.·;i¤1=¤¢i¤·¤- Sryrmrnxr or Arrnornmrions: For preparation, under the direc- r§{g£¤;g¤¤¢ ¤*‘ ¤·m>¤>· tion of the Committees on Appropriations of the Senate and House of P €'ol.2.i,.p.58T. Representatives. of the statements showing appropriations made, new offices created, offices the salaries of which have been omitted, increased, or reduced, together with a chronological history of the regular appropriation bills passed during the lirst session of the Fifty-fourth Congress, as required by the Act approved October nineteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty-eight, one thousand two hundred dollars, to be paid to the persons designated by the chairmen of said committees to do said work. (loNvEY1NG VOTES or ELECTORS FOR PRI-1s1DENr AND Vrcn- Electoral me. Pnnsrnnnr; For payment of the messengers of the respective States gf§’""‘“"° “‘°*“°‘