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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 33. 1896. 19 _ TREASURY DEPARTMENT. mmm Depart- To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to employ temporarilyin the E xpe rt money Treasury Department, under such rules and regulations as he may pre- °°““°°"‘ scribe, not exceeding twenty-five expert money counters, at a rate not exceeding sixty dollars per month ea-ch, seven thousand five hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. For purchase of horses and wagons, for office and mail service, to be Horses and wagons. used only for official purposes, care and subsistence of horses, including sboeing, and of wagons, harness, and repairs of the same, one thou- - sand dollars. Cusrom-HoUsE BUILDING, Cmoneo, IL1.1No1s: The Secretary of Cbicqze. Inthe Treasury is authorized to cause such furniture and records used by ,,,,1,;",.,‘f,`§,‘,§‘f{,‘f,té’_""°'“'· the Government officials in the custom-house building in Chicago, Illinois, as may be necessary, to be removed to rented quarters; and for necessary expenses of such removal, for altering and iitting old _ counters, screens, and cases, so that they may be utilized in the rooms to which they are to be transferred, and for any additional furniture that may be necessary, he is authorized to expend not exceeding three thousand five hundred "dollars of the appropriation for furniture and repairs of furniture for public buildings made in the Sundry Civil V°*·z“·P·°°°· Appropriation Act for the iiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-six. CONr1Nc-ENT EXPENSES, INDEPENDENT th.EAsU1zY: For contingent Contingent exexpenses under the requirements of section thirty-six hundred and r¤g¤¤§· 3653 fifty-three of the Revised Statutes of the United States, for the collec- 719] " °°°'P' tion, safe-keeping, transfer, and disbursement of the public money, and for transportation of notes, bonds, and other securities of the United States, one hundred thousand dollars. TRANSPORTATION OF SILVER G01N: For transportation of silver coin, q;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,1,,,,, including fractional silver coin, by registered mail or otherwise, forty- ·=¤i¤- five thousand dollars ; and in expending this sum the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directed to transport from the Treasury or subtreasuries, free of charge, silver coin when requested to do so: Pro- PWM9- fvided, That an equal amount in coin or currency shall have been D°P°°°t“ deposited in the Treasury or such subtreasuries by the applicant or applicants. And the Secretary of the Treasury shall report to Congress the cost arising under this appropriation. · To pay amounts found due by the accounting officers of the Treasury on account of the appropriation for transportation of silver coin, for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-five, eleven thousand one hundred and forty-three dollars and five cents. RECOINAGE OF SILVER coms: For recoinage of the uncurrent frac- §¤·=¤i¤¤~1z¤ of ¤i1v¤r tional silver coins in the Treasury, to be expended under the direction of °° "‘ the Secretary of the Treasury, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. NIEDALS AND DIPLOMAS, WOBLD’S COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION: To wnrurs Columbian supply a deficiency in the appropriation for medals and diplomas, E§f°,,‘§f{,f"‘;md mph_ W4»rl4l’s Columbian Exposition, provided by the Act of August fifth, mg} 27 389 587 eighteen hundred and ninety-two, as amended by the sundry civil act pn3&,pZ£t°é. ’ ' of March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, twenty thousand six hundred dollars. _ _ _ _ _ For payment of the rental of a building for the diyision of awards, ggrean of nwnnn. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, occupied by said Bureau in the ””· execution of the work of preparing the awards of the World’s Columbian Exposition as authorized by the sundry_ civil act of March second, ver zs,p.¤zs. eighteen hundred and ninety-five, from April twentieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-five. to June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, at a rental of sixty dollars per month, eight hundred and sixty dollars, G R D _ For the entire compensation of George R. Davis, Director-Ceneral of °°'¤° - °“*· the \Vorld’s Columbian Exposition, in the work ofpreparing his iinal Exlmmi report, and for all sums expended or paid out by lum upon such work, and for any sums due under agreements or contracts for assistants for such work, such sum to be in full for all claims therefor, eighteen thou- P, _ sand and six dollars and ten cents: Provided, That the original °°“°·