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20 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 33. 1896. ¤¤1M¤‘y¤f•>¤*izi¤•! typewritten or written manuscript of such work, all illustrations, dia- '°’°"'°°°` grams, and plans incorporated in such work, and all plates and negatives . of photographs taken therefor in the hands of the Director-General shall be by him deposited with the Joint Committee on Printing. _ '1'h9m¤¤ W-P¤1¤¤¤I· For the entire reimbursement of Thomas W. Palmer, for moneys paid R°'"‘b°"°m°°f by him for labor and expenses incurred in the preparation of a final V0LU.P-6* report as President of the World’s Columbian Commission, as required P•··*·1>·”°· by section thirteen of an Act to provide for celebrating the four hundredth anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, approved April twenty-fifth, eighteen hundred and ninety, one thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight dollars and thirty-five cents. Ccllecunz ¤¤¤¢¤·¤¤ COLLECTING THE REVENUE Imom CUSTOMS: To defray the expenses '°""°° of collecting the revenue from customs, being additional to the permanent appropriation for this purpose, for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-five, eighty-five thousand dollars. S°{*_vjg:““°·°“‘°°' REVENUE-GUTTER SERVICE: To supply deficiency for pay of officers ray or ummm. on “Permanent waiting orders list" for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-six, as follows: Nine captains, at one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars each; six first lieutenants, at nine hundred dollars each; two second lieutenants, at seven hundred and fifty dollars each; one third lieutenant, at six hundred dollars; twelve chief engineers, at nine hundred dollars each; six first assistant engineers, at seven hundred and fifty dollars each; three second assistant engineers, at six hundred dollars each; in all, thirty-five thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars. . Luesmugsemee. LIFE-SAvING_ SERVICE: Authority is hereby granted the Secretary Gmgarwuzpcwg of the Treasury to pay for commutation of quarters for officers of the ‘§"‘,;d,,,_ "°° “Revenue-Cutter Service detailed for duty in the Life-Saving Service the sum of five thousand one hundred and sixty dollars, or so much thereof as may be required, the same to be paid from the regular annual appropriation for the Life-Saving Service for the fiscal year eighteen _ hundred and ninety-six. 0fNS=;§¤g;*gs_A°°°°mF Nxrronxr. Acxnmmr or SCIENCES: To reimburse the National neimtummena Academy of Sciences for expenses incurred in doing certain work in v°”“·*"1°°‘ accordance with the Act of Congress approved July twelfth, eighteen hundred and ninety-four, to define and establish the units of electrical measure, sixty-nine dollars.

(§n°;;°;é’Lt,0¤ to Frsnmo ;soA
r Hnocroaz To compensate Robert E. Ellis and Francis

mmm. A. Ellis, owners of the fishing boat Hector, from Chatham, Massachusetts, for damages sustained in consequence of a collision with the Coast Survey steamer Blake on August twentieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-five, three hundred seventy-five dollars. mrmcwfcclumbin. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. z¤;{;;mg2°w¤izb¢¤ OFFICE OF SEALER OF WEIGHTS AND MEASURES: For the following ‘" ‘ from March sixth, eighteen hundred and ninety-five, to June thirtieth, P_2;;=¤ri¤¤ •¤¤ •¤· eighteen hundred and ninety-six, inclusive, namely: Sealer of weights ' and measures, at the rate of two thousand five hundred dollars per annum; assistant sealer of weights and measures, at the rate of one thousand two hundred dollars per annum; laborer, at the rate of gwgnty dollars per month; in all, five thousand two hundred and nine o ars. For livery of horse, horseshoeing, stationery, and other necessary items, for the service of the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety- six, three hundred and sixty dollars. For horse, wagon, harness, office rent, furniture, stationery, and other necessary items, for the service of the fiscal year eighteen hundred and _ ninety-five, four hundred and eighteen dollars. Cgéesfggéfu ¤¤ DEFENDING SUITS IN COUIn* OF CLAIMS: For necessary expenses in ` examination of witnesses and procuring evidence and defending suits