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616 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. SEss. II. Ch. 362. 1897. °°“°*”‘°"°°"‘°"‘°" For all contingent expenses of the Army not provided for by other estimates, and embracing all branches of the military service, to be expended under the immediate orders of the Secretary of War, fifteen thousand dollars. mYf_<;·¤¤¤l D¤P¤r*· MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. S“PP“°°· m- MEDICAL AND HOSPITAL DEPARTMENT: For the purchase of medical and hospital supplies, including disiniectants for general post sanitation, expenses of medical supply depots, pay of employees, medical care and treatment of officers and enlisted men of the Army on duty at posts and stations for which no other provision is made; for the proper care and treatment of cases in the Army suifering hom contagious or epidemic diseases, and the supply of the Army and Navy Hospital at Hot Springs, Arkansas; advertising and other miscellaneous expenses of the Medical Department, the amount to be expended for pay of civilian employees not to exceed forty thousand dollars, one hundred and thirty-tive thousand dollars ; experimental cooking, two hundred dollars ; mm aiu in all, one hundred and thirty-five thousand two hundred dollars. ° “‘°‘""‘ ARMY MED1cAL Musmum AND LIBRARY: For Army Medical Museum, pre ervation of specimens and the preparation and purchase _ of new specimens, five thousand dollars; L""“’· For the library of the Surgeon-General’s Office, ten thousand dollars; In all, fifteen thousand dollars. ¤¤EY°°°'D°'°'°' ENGINEER DEPARTMENT. "‘°“"*“‘°"P°'*°°°- Encrmmu. Dm·oT AT W11.1.ETs Pomcr, NEW Youx: For incidental expenses of the depot, including fuel, lights, chemical;3 stationery, hardware, extra-duty pay to soldiers necessarily employ for peri not less than ten days as artincers on work in addition to and not strictly in the line of their duties, such as carpenters, blacksmiths, draftsmen, printers, lithographers, photographers, engine drivers, teamsters, wheelwrights, masons, machinists, painters, overseers, · laborers, repairs of, and for materials to repair, public buildings, H I I machinery, and unforeseen expenses, five thousand dollars; For the purchase of material for use of United States Engineer School and for instruction of engineer troops at Willets Point in their special duties as sappers and miners; for land and submarine mines, poatoniers, torpedo drill, and signaling, one thousand fivehundred 0 ars; I°°°""°°”°" For purchase and repair of instruments, to be issued to oillcers of the Corps of Engineers and to officers detailed and on duty as acting Engineer officers, for use on public works and surveys, three thousand o ars- ’·“""“'Y· LIRRZARY or` THE UNITED STATES ENGINEER Scnoox.: For purchase and binding of professional works of recent date treating of militlaxiy and civil engineering and kindred scientific subjects, ilve hundred o lars; In all, ten thousand dollars. ,,,f,Z,’Z““°°" D'""' OBDNANCE DEPARTMENT. °'“'°°° ¤¤¤¤·°·· ORDNANcE SERVICE: For current expenses of the ordnance service required to defray the current expenses at the arsenals; of receiving stores, and issuing arms and other ordnance supplies; of police and office duties; of rents, tolls, fuel, and lights; of stationery and officc furniture; of tools and instruments for use; incidental expenses of the ordnance service, and those attending practical trials and tests of ordnance, small arms, and other ordnance supplies, including payment for mechanical labor in the office of the Chief of Ordnance, one hundred and ten thousand dollars. mthnrgmitgn fvr For manufacture of metallic ammunition for small arms and ammu- ’‘° ‘ nition for reloading cartridges, and tools for the same, including the