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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 362. 1897. 617 cost of targets and material for target practice, ammunition for burials at National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers and its several branches, and marksmen’s medals and insignia for all arms of the service, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. _ For repairing and preserving ordnance and ordnance stores in the ,,,§°p“"°f °‘°“““°°‘ heads of troops and for issue at the arsenal and depots, eight thousand 0 ars. For purchase and manufacture of ordnance stores to fill requisitions °“““‘"°° °*‘°’°°· of troops, one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. For infantry, cavalry, and artillery equipments, including horse "1“*Pm°¤**- equipments for cavalry and artillery, two hundred thousand dollar . _ For overhauling, cleaning, and preserving new ordnance on hand at ,,,},°,{,§’,§,f,’,,§j °“"· the arsenals, five thousand dollars. H _ For iirin g the morning and evening gun at military posts prescribed mg QE.? ud °"°` by General Orders, Numbered Seventy, Headquarters of the Army, dated July twenty-third., eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, and at National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers and its several branche , Qiimclnding material for cartridges, bags, and so forth, fifteen thousand For targets for artillery practice and implements for mechanical ‘*"““°"’ °“"°*" maneuvers, six thousand dollars.M Manufacture, repairing, procuring, and issuing arms at the national ,t.§’“"f‘°”"'°°f"“‘°’ armories, four hundred thousand dollars: Provided, That this appro- P*‘°"*°*· priation shall be applicable to the manufacture of the magazine arm “*¤“*'*°¤“”· recommended for trial by the Board recently in session and approved _ _ by the Secretary of War: Provided further, That not more than sixty- °“""’“‘ "l°"‘“‘ five thousand dollars of the money appropriated for the Ordnance Department in all its branches shall be applied to the payment of civilian clerks in said Department. SIGNAL SERVICE. Siz¤¤1S¤rvi¤¤- For the expenses of the Signal Service of the Army, as follows: E‘°°“"“‘ Purchase, equipment, and repair of field electric telegraphs, signal equipments and stores, binocular glasses, telescopes, heliostats, and other necessary instruments, including absolutely necessary meteorological instruments for use in target ranges; telephone apparatus (excluding exchange service) and maintenance of the same; mainte- Mm°"’°°l°""*" nance and repair of military telegraph lines, including salaries of civilian employees, supplies, and general repairs, and other expenses connected with the duty of collecting and transmitting information for the Army by telegraph or otherwise, eighteen thousand dollars. oonrmsnmr EXPENSES., °°¤°*¤¤•¤°•*P°°•°*· For contingent expenses of the office of the Commander-General, in ,,,Ef“"°'“‘"”“ °“" his discretion, one thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars. H d nm d For contingent expenses at the headquarters of the several military ,m°,§,`,};, ef' °` departments and in inspection districts, including the staff corps serving thereat, being for the purchase of the necessary articles of office, toilet, and desk furniture, binding, maps, books of reference, professional newspapers and periodicals, and police utensils, three thousand dollars, to be allotted by the Secretary of War, and to be expended in the discretion of the several military department commanders. _ _ _ For contingent expenses of the military information division, Adju- ,,3f*‘°“"' “‘f°“"‘ tant-General’s Office, and of the military attaches at the United States embassies and legations abroad, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of War, three thousand six hundred and forty dollars. Umrnn srscrns SERVICE scnoons. S°"'i°"°’*°°'*'· To provide means for the theoretical and practicable instruction at E*P°¤¤°¤· the artillery school at Fort Monroe, Virginia, the infantry and cavalry