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678 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 387. 1897. Nw ¤¤zi¤¤- INCREASE FIRE DEPARTMENT: For one new engine, four thousand two hundred dollars; Hm mmm For one ho e carriage, nine hundred dollars; New nom, sm. For house, lot, and furniture for one engine company, to be located in the section bounded by Seven th and Twelfth streets and C and F streets northwest, thirty-tive thousand dollars, to be immediately available; _H¤¤¤¤·¤•¤=-·A¤·¤¤•· For house, lot, and furniture for one engine company, to be located m' in Anacostia, sixteen thousand two hundred dollars, to be immediately available; in all, fifty-six thousand three hundred dollars. P,f,$}g$$_;{*§*°¤_“° *1* TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE SE11v10E. Sam-in For superintendent, one thousand six hundred dollars; electrician, one thousand two hundred dollars; three telegraph operators, at one thousand dollars each; three telephone operators, at six hundred dollars each; expert repairman, nine hundred and sixty dollars; two repairmen, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; two laborers, at four hundred dollars each; in all, ten thousand eight hundred dollars. S¤1>v¤¤¤· For general supplies, repairs, new batteries and battery supplies, telephone rental and purchase, wire for extension of the telegraph and telephone service, repairs of lines and instruments, purchase of poles, tools, insulators, brackets, pins, hardware, cross arms, ice, record books, stationery, printing, purchase of harness, washing, blacksmithing, forage, extra labor, new boxes, and other necessary items, eleven thousand five hundred dollars. _,f;_{°gg;°¤ {gf M EXTENSION on FIRE-ALARM TELEGBAPE: For extension of the nregnalarm telegraph, including new boxes, purchase and erection of the necessary poles with cross arms, insulators, pins, and braces, wire for extension of lines, and extra labor for stringing the wire, seven thou- €f_g°f•{;°,“ sand five hundred dollars: Provided, That wherever there are tele- ` graph or telephone poles, or telephone conduits, available for the use of the said Fire Alarm Telegraph, the Commissioners of the District of Columbia are hereby authorized to make arrangements for the use ,,,Y§,‘If$‘*°“"“l’°1°“ of such poles or conduits without expense to the said District; and the Vol-¤¤.1>-5M authority granted to the said Commissioners in the District of Columbia Appropriation Act, approved August seventh, eighteen hundred and ninety-four, to authorize the erection and use of telephone poles in the alleys of the City of Washingtoii shall be limited as follows: hereafter no wire shall be strung on any alley pole at a height of less than iitty feet from the ground at the point of attachment to said pole; tem- ‘ porary permits may be granted by said Commissioners to string wires trom cable poles, or from existing overhead trunk lines, to poles in, or to be erected in, alleys, and from alley poles in one square to alley poles, or house-top fixtures, in another square for the purpose of making necessary house connections from all cable poles and existing overhead trunk lines within the District of Columbia; such house connection to be made from the cable poles or overhead trunk lines nearest the submlilo pokes :s¤¤tl;•>r· scriber. Nothing herein contained shall be deemed to authorize the °"’ '°° ’°erection of any additional pole or poles upon any street, avenue, or public reservation within the said City; and such privileges as may be granted hereunder to be revokable at the will of Congress without compensation. New patrol mm. RENEWAL or Ponrrons OF THE 1>ATB.0L SYSTEM: For purchase of °°°‘ new patrol boxes and station-house instruments to take the place of worn-out boxes and instruments in the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Seventh, and Ninth precincts, five thousand dollars. mum uepmmene HEALTH DEPARTMENT. Salaries- For health officer, three thousand dollars; nine sanitary and food inspectors, who shall also be charged with enforcement of garbage regulations. at one thousand two hundred dollars each; sanitary and food inspector, who shall also inspect dairy products, and shall be a »