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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 387. 1897. 679 practical chemist, one thousand five hundred dollars; sanitary and food · mspector, who shall be a veterinary surgeon for all departments of the District government and act as inspector of live stock and dairy farms, one thousand two hundred dollars; inspector of marine products, one thousand two hundred dollars; two inspectors of garbage, at one thousand two hundred dollars each; chief clerk and deputy health officer, one thousand eight hundred dollars; clerk, one thousand four hundred dollars; four clerks, at one thousand two hundred dollars each, two of whom shall act as sanitary and food inspectors; clerk, one thousand dollars; messenger and janitor, six hundred dollars; pound master, one thousand two hundred dollars; laborers, at not exceeding forty dollars per month, one thousand nine hundred and twenty dollars; ambulance driver, four hundred and eighty dollars; in all, thirty-three thousand three hundred dollars. d l;dLs0E1.LANBoUs: For rent of stable, one hundred and twenty Bmo ars. For collection and disposal of garbage and dead animals, fifty-seven outage. thousand dollars. For the enforcement of the provisions of the Act to prevent the spread disgggl *’°*•* •¤* of scarlet fever and diphtheria in the District of Columbia, approved ‘v¤,°{..m. December twentieth, eighteen hundred and ninety, under the direction of the health officer of the District, five thousand dollars. For two isolating buildings, to be constructed, in the discretion of Itlmfi '¤¤“·“¤S• the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, on the grounds of two ' hospitals and to be operated as a part of such hospitals, thirty thousand dollars. COURTS. Courts- Fon rim roman oomrr: For two judges, at three thousand dollars P°“°° °°“”‘ each; compensation of two justices of the peace, acting as judges of the police court during the absence of said judges, not exceeding three hundred dollars each; clerk, two thousand dollars; one deputy clerk, one thousand five hundred dollars; two deputy clerks, at one thousand dollars each; three bailiifs, at three dollars per day each, two thousand eight hundred and seventeen dollars; one deputy marshal, at three dollars per day, nine hundred and thirty-nine dollars; messenger, nine hundred dollars; doorkeeper, five hundred and forty dollars; engineer, nine hundred dollars; in all, eighteen thousand one hundred and ninety- six dollars. M1scm.LA1moUs: For United States marshal’s fees, one thousand “"°°“"°°°“'· four hundred dollars; For witness fees, two thousand dollars. And hereafter there shall be “_X“¤°°' '°°’ “'°‘ paid to witnesses in cases in the police court not exceeding seventy-tive _ cents per diem for each day of attendance, to be allowed only in the discretion of the court. For repairs of police-court building, seven hundred dollars; For repairs to police-court furniture and replacing same, two hundred dollars· For addition to cells and other improvements, one thousand two hundred dollars; _ For rent of property adjoining police-court building, for police court and other purposes, six hundred dollars; . For compensation for jury, eight thousand dollars; J""'- In all, fourteen thousand one hundred dollars. Dnrmvnmo snrrs m cnams: For defending suits in the United ”°*`°'“°‘“°""‘“’· States Court of Claims, two thousand dollars. _ Wnrrs or Lesser: To defray the expenses attending the execution T-¤¤¤=¥ meof writs de lunatico inquirendo and commitments thereunder, in all cases of indigent insane persons committed or sought to be committed to the Government Hospital for the Insane by order of the executive authority of the District of Columbia, under the provisions of the Act "°‘·“’· P- 3**- approved March third, eighteen hundred and seventyseven, two thousand dollars.