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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 387. 1897. 681 dollars; five nurses, at sixty dollars each; in all, sixteen thousand one hundred and sixty-three dollars. · _ For contingent expenses, including improvements and repairs, pro- °°"'“”‘°”°°‘P°““‘ visions, fuel, forage, lumber, gas, ice, shoes, clothing, dry goods, tailoring, hardware, medicines, repairs to tools, cars, tracks, steam heating and cooking apparatus, painting, and other necessary items and services, forty-four thousand dollars. For completion of heating station for the hospital department, four H°°P"’“'· thousand five hundred dollars, to be immediately available. For resurfacing walls and floors of almshouse and male workhouse, one thousand five hundred dollars. Fon. REFORM SCHOOL: For superintendent, one thousand five hun- §:1*:’n*Z"= S°h°°L dred dollars; assistant superintendent, nine hundred dollars; teachers °°' and assistant teachers, five thousand and forty dollars; matron of school, six hundred dollars; four matrons of families, at one hundred and eighty dollars each; three foremen of workshops, at six hundred . and sixty dollars each; farmer, four hundred and eighty dollars; engineer, three hundred and ninety-six dollars; assistant engineer, three hundred dollars; baker, cook, shoemaker, and tailor, at three hundred dollars each; laundress, one hundred and eighty dollars; two dining·room servants, seamstress, and chambermaid, at one hundred and forty-four dollars each; florist, three hundred and sixty dollars; watchmen, not exceeding six in number, one thousand four hundred and ten dollars; secretary and treasurer of board of trustees, six hundred_ dollars; in all, sixteen thousand two hundred and forty=two dollars. For support of inmates, including groceries, ilour, feed, meats, dry S“PP°"’ °“““““°· goods, leather, shoes, gas, fuel, hardware, furniture, tableware, farm implements, seeds, harness and repairs to same, fertilizers, books, stationery, plumbing, painting, glazing, medicines and medical attendance, stock, fencing, repairs to buildings, and other necessary items, including compensation, not exceeding nine hundred dollars for additional labor or services, and for transportation and other necessary expenses incident to securing suitable homes for discharged boys, not exceeding five hundred dollars, all under the control of the Commissioners, twenty- six thousand dollars. FOR THE SUTPORT OF THE INSANE. For support of the indigent insane of the District of Columbia in the S"m’°"°H""“"°‘ Government Hospital for the Insane in said District as provided in R q lm 4 50 sections forty-eight hundred and forty-four and forty-eight hundred pp,b§é;;:3?·8 ‘ and fifty of the Revised Statutes, one hundred and nine thousand two hundred and seventy-eight dollars and ninety-six cents. FOR INSTRUCTION OF THE DEAF AND l)UMB. For expenses attending the instruction of deaf and dumb persons ...E,‘fi§Z‘3,*}'2.,.iI}’>¥f.1}i'1` admitted to the Columbia Institution for the Deaf and Dumb from the ` District of Columbia, under section forty-eight hundred and sixty-four “·S··“°°·“‘“·P·"‘” of the Revised Statutes, ten thousand five hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary; and all disbursements for this object shall be accounted for through the Department of the Interior. FOR CHARITIES. Ch*“'“*°*- For relief of the poor, thirteen thousand dollars. R°"$*"°*`P·>¤¤‘· _ For temporary Home for ex-Union Soldiers and Sailors, Grand Army of5’}§_Q‘;j_ ““‘* S‘“l‘ of the Republic, two thousand five hundred dollars. _ _ _ __ _ For the Women’s Christian Association, maintenance, four thousand AQQ0';'§§$0§_°h"’*’“ dollars. For Central Dispensary and Emergency Hospital, maintenance, fif- p,§,?""g°"°Y H" teen thousand dollars.