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682 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. `Sess. II. Ch. 387. 1897. cmmm.·•u¤•p1m. For the Children’s Hospital, maintenance, ten thousand dollars. igmwwhiv ¤<>¤· For the National Homeopathic Hospital Association of Washington, P ‘ District of Columbia, tbr maintenance, eight thousand five hundred dollars. rmmanmgmqnm. For the Washington Hospital for Foundlings, maintenance, six thousand dollars. Church or1>h•¤~z•- For the Church Orphanage Association of Saint J ohn’s Parish, maintenance one thou and eight hundred dollars. Agggm °¤‘Pl=¤¤ For the German Orphan Asylum, maintenance, one thousand eight ‘hundred dollars. uxmgnm run-gw- For the National Association for the Belief of Destitute Colored ,.,,,`§_° ° Women and Children, maintenance, including repairs, nine thousand nine hundred dollars. smc Amr. rum For Saint Ann’ Infant Asylum, maintenance, five thousand four ’*”""”'· hundred dollars. W? risogiigpyn for For Association for Works of Mercy, maintenance, one thousand ' “ ° ‘ eight hundred dollars. Sh?;:;;: um cm For House of the Good Shepherd, maintenance, two thousand seven hundred dollars. t Sjigfholgyse I¤d¤¤- For the Saint Rose Industrial School, maintenance, four thousand "”‘ five hundred dollars. — _ hsnsmt Jos•ph’s Asy- » For Saint Joseph’s A ylum, maintenance, one thousand eight hun- · dred dollars. Hggng W¤¤¤•¤’¤ For Young Women’s Christian Home, one thousand dollars. nlglope and Help ms- For Hope and Help Mission, maintenance, one thousand dollars. . xéwsttyr Am. d hier Newsb0ys’ and Children’s Aid Society, maintenance, one thousand o ars. · nuamnapmmy- For Eastern Dispensary, maintenance, one thousand dollars. dm na rama For Washington Home for Incurables, maintenance, two thousand ‘ dollars. hnrunsupu megan; Fgorf mupicipal lpdlggpg house and wood and stone yard, including ‘ ren our housan dollars. mgghznzalgi Hospital Fdr the Columbia Hospital for Women and Lying-in Asylum, maintenance twenty thousand dollars. For repairs and furniture, two thousand dollars. F=¤·¤¤¤¤'¤H¤¤1>i¤L ger th; Freedmen’s Hospital and Asylum, as follows: or su sisteuce twenty-two thousand five hundred dollar · For salaries and compensation of the surgeon in chief, notto exceed three thousand dollars; two ass1stant surgeons, clerk, engineer, matron,

lD(§f88S8S, cooks, teamsters, watchman, and laborers, sixteen

ousan dollars- For rent of hospital buildings and grounds, four thousand dollars; ' For fuel and light, clothing, bedding, forage, transportation, medicine and medical and surgical supplies, surgical instruments, electric laghts, trfpairshigrniflurea agdi pfher absolutely necessary expenses, e even thousand ve un re dollars- In all, fifty-four thousand dollars. , sce0m1·» iz s form Rmvonm Scnooi, Fon Gmrsz Superintendent, one thousand dollars; treasurer, tlu·ee hundred-dollars; matron, six hundred dollars; two teachers, at four hundred and eighty dollars each; overseer, seven hundred and twenty dollars; engineer, four hundred and eighty dollars; night watchman, three hundred and sixty-five dollars; laborer, iéhreeihlrjndred dollars; in all, four thousand seven hundred and twenty~ ve dollars· For groceries, provisions, fuel, soap, oil, lamps, candles, clothing, shoes, forage, horseshoeing, medicine, medical attendance, hack hire, freight, furniture, beds, bedding, ewing machines, fixture , books, hoplsesilstationery,vehgcles, harngss, cowfzhstpbles, sheds, fences, repairs, an o er necessary 1 ems six thousand dollars; In all, ten thousand ssvén hundred and twenty-five dollars. I¤·1;¤_¤tr¤¤1 Hom Fon rim INDUSTRIAL Home Soir00L: For maintenance, including repairs, eleven thousand dollars.