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64 FIFTY-FOURTH UONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 59. 1896. the basis of nine million seven hundred and forty-six thousand two hundred and thirty rations; for sales to officers and enlisted men of the Army; for authorized issues of candles; for toilet_ articles. barbers’, laundry, and tailors’ materials, for use of general prisoners confined at military posts without pay or allowances, and recruits at recrurtrng stations, to be issued under regulations as prescribed by the Secretary of War; of matches for lighting public fires and lights at posts and stations and in the iield; of flour used for paste in target practice; of salt and vinegar for public animals; of issues to Indians visiting military posts, and to Indians employed with the Army, without pay, as Payments. guides and scouts. For payments: For meals for recruiting parties and recruits; for hot coffee, canned beef, and baked beans for troops travcling, when it is impracticable to cook their rations; for scales, weights, measures, utensils, tools, stationery, three thousand cookbooks, blank books and forms, printing, advertising, commercial newspapers, use of telephones, office furniture; for temporary buildings, cellars, and other means of protecting subsistence supplies (when not provided by the Exm duty pay- Quartermaster’s Department); for extra pay to enlisted men employed on extra duty in the Subsistence Department for periods of not less than ten days, at rates fixed by law; for compensation of civilians employed in the Subsistence Department, not exceeding one hundred thousand dollars; and for other necessary expenses incident to the purchase, care, preservation, issue, sale, and aceountin g for subsistence m0•¤¤¤=·¤<¤ ·f ¤· supplies for the Army. For the payment of the regulation allowances ”' for commutation in lieu of rations; to enlisted men on furlough, to ordnance sergeants on duty at ungarrisoned posts, to enlisted men stationed at places where rations in kind can not be economically issued, to enlisted men traveling on detached duty when it is impraeticable to carry rations of any kind, to enlisted men selected to contest for places or prizes in department and army riile competitions while traveling to and from . places of contest; to be expended under the direction of the Secretary —¤¤¤¤¤*~ of War; in all, one million six hundred and iiitythousand dollars. Awbe Indimrris Maintenance and support of the Apache prisoners of war at Fort °"§§§,,,,;_m_ Sill, Oklahoma, and for the purpose of the erection of buildings, purchase of stock, necessary iarming tools, seeds, household utensils, and other necessary articles and expenses absolutely needed for their support and civilization, in addition to the sums herein appropriated, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of War, seven thousand five hundred dollars. earn?-¤¤m·¤1>e. oUARTEBMAs1‘ER’s DEPARTMENT. mseiiini supplies Rmennm snrrrmsz Regular supplies of the Quartermastevs De. partment, consisting of stoves and heating apparatus, and repair and maintenance of the same; for heating otllces, hospitals, and barracks and quarters, including recruiting stations; of ranges and stoves, and appliances for cooking and serving food; of fuel and lights for enlisted men, including recruits, guards, hospitals, storehouses, and officcs, and tor sale to officers; for post bakeries; for the necessary turniture, textbooks, paper, and equipments for the post schools and libraries; for the tableware and mess furniture for kitchens and mess halls, each and r··mg¤.•w. all for the enlisted men, including recruits; of forage in kind for the horses, mules, and oxen of the Quartermastens Department at the several posts and stations and with the armies in the field, including its care and protection, and for the horses of the several regiments of cavalry, the batteries of artillery, and such companies of infantry and scouts as may be mounted, and for the authorized number of oi’ticers’ horses, including bedding for the animals; of straw for soldiers’ bedding, and of stationery, including blank books for the Quartermaster’s Department, certiticates for discharged soldiers, blank forms for the Pay and Quartermaster’s Departments, and for printing Department Amnpm. orders and reports, two million two hundred thousand dollars: Proff;{’,j§‘§,'j;_ rided, That hereafter no part of the appropriations for the Quarter. master`s Department shall be expended on printing unless the same