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414 FIFTEENTH CONGRESS. Srlss. T. C11. 32. 1818, $**68; 0**:1*9 otherwise, it shall be the duty of the judge of the southern district gf

 °”" ‘“' New York to hold the said court, in and for the said northern district,

The judge of and to do and perform all other acts and duties of the judge of the said

l?°t P°**h°*P northern district, with the like power and authority in all respects, And

tifi_;};,‘nfi‘}ii§;‘; whenever such inability of the judge of the said northern district, to hold the judge of the any term of the said court, shall exist, it shall be his duty to give previous

      • ¤*¤ d¤¤· timely notice thereof to the judge of thetsaid southern district, I

Three term Sec. 2. And be tt further enacted, rll’1t1tl.h0Y€ shall be held in each st utc ,.0.-mm-H tear, three terms tof the court for the n<g·t?`eru (tlistrict of Neyv ¤=t¤¤*¢<>¤r¢· mk, to wit: at the city o any, on tre seccnues a of lVInr and it €2’c"£y‘ on the second Tuesday of November: and at the village 0?Utica, gn the suits, gw, to county of Oneida, on the third Tuesday of May. (a) And all suits and be ¤‘¤vi_v¤d ¤¤d roceedin in the said court shall be revived, and shall continue in full ‘° °°“°‘““°’&°‘ lbrce, in 5; same manner as if the said court had been regularly held Pt _ d according to law, and had been adjourned to theterm nert to be holden by 8w_°°f;‘s Bj virtue of this act. And all process already issued, or which may be issued, w,,,,;,;,, gw out of tlttrf said court, before the putssinioftth; act; shall be held and deemed Courts my returna e to the next term thereo , to e 0 en y virtue of this act. Am}

:“ u‘° it shail be at the discretion oftliejudge of the said northern district of New

mot at mi,,,, York, or, in case of his inability, of the judge of the said southern district, times, _&c· ut to appoint and hold a court or courts at any other time or place, than d’“"°“°“‘ those before mentioned, within and for the said northern district, as the usiness therein may require. The noi-them _SEc. 3. And be it further enacted, That the said northern district of iigftrgit en- the state of New York shall be, and the same is hereby enlarged, so as g ’ to éngulde the couttties 'otf Atbany, Rensselaer, Schenectady, Schoharie, an e aware, in e said sta e. i¤f¥i°$·ii$?i·?· i.. ?iF.I°.f‘1f*Z"’ TJ; ’l~"Q'ZZ’b‘.??§$“(£i.r1iE3t3lif”?°°‘ii"“gS li“‘"“’ Wd - the t- is ic co 0 1 a s, 1 er or 18 nor rem or or district the southern district of New York, in any suit at common law, or in any d<><>l¤Y¤d mid- civil cause of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction, in continuation of any such suit or cause which had been instituted in the former district court of the United States for the district of New York, be, and the same hereby arc, declared as valid and effectual as if the same suit or cause had been originally instituted in the district court in which such pro- The jurssdic- ceedings have been had. 393t§>Yth¢=i¤}¤<;:, Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the jurisdiction of every suit otftiif Pfcéxts or cause, either at common law, or of maritime and admiralty jurisdicnonherndimict tion, whether the same hath or hath not been instituted in the district ygiiirlfoistitlti court of the former district of New York, wherein the cause shall have dtmtcttwiwiim arisen, or the. seizure shall have been tmadc, within the limits of the fiftyé ::::,1,,, nottltiern distrietdoitilflevtv §ort<,_ ag prescgibed by thishait, land whitzh hztth _ _ _¢=cn no een procec e in o na ju gmen or ccree, s a e veste in tie

;;_ig;° district court for the northern district of New York; and all pleadings,

,.,0m_ libels, claims, evidences, and papers, whatsoever, that may have been filed, &Pl¤a¢ging¤', and all moneys which may have been paid or deposited, in the office fagés *:0*-*;; of the clerk of- the former district of New York, or of the clerk ol` ci¤i.k,, officc the southern district of New York, in every such suit or cause, shall getiitnistnortimn be transferred to, and tiled and deposited in, thetotliice of the clerk of the Ti; itmimm northern district of New York. And the said district court for the iiisttict com northern district of ew York shall have as full power to hear, try, and ttuzttvhtsvsglcthll tinetctrmxntettthe said suits Sud causes, anfd to liwmceed therein to final judg- (a) By the act to alter thettirnes of holding the district court in the northern district of New York, passed March 2, 1821, the district court is directed to be held at Utica. on the last Tuesday in August, and at Albany on the last Tuesday in January, annually. As to the jurisdiction of the district court of age {1g5th2r}? gastric; cfhNew Ygrk, see the act respecting the jurisdiction of certain district courts, Feb. ...:.i.’.ii.;.i.e or ilu53E3Q iii3i}!.?;`$$7zifZ‘£€1.1?‘Ti’ °E°“‘i °‘}“’" S"£““ ‘° b3 md “` "`“ bor annually. See act of Mai h 3 1825 h. 41. A flirim all m une, an t mi Tues ay m Oom- » c , , c ct o arc 3, 1825, ch. 52.