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436 FIFTEENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. (311.79. 1818. §)‘;‘:;)"l‘;?;‘;;d New Orleans, two persons well qualified to perform that duty, on the PPpart of the United States, who, before they enter thereon, shall severally make oath diligently and faithfully to inspect and examine such goods, wares, or merchandise, as the collector may direct, and truly to report, to the best of their knowledge and belief, the true value thereof when purchased, at the place or places from whence the sarge were im- Appmsemm ported; and, when guy appruxselnent xs to he made in the said prmmpal to bB made by ports, the two appraisers so appomted therem, together wuh a respectable the ¤ppr¤i¤¤r¤ resident memhangehosen by the party in interest, and sworn in like

_c';::fd°“* manner, to eziamine and report, shall make such appraisjenlem, lhe said

A i merchant having also made oaththut he has no d1T€Ol pr mchreet interest in 55m P2; ° in the case; but when any apprmscment is to be made m ports other than those above named, lwo respectable resulent merchants, selected by the collector, together with a respectable resndenl me1:hant,;hosen by the part in interest, who shall have severally ta en the oat s re uired b P*'°Vl¤°· thishection, shall be the appraisers; Provided, That in any cage wher; the party in interest shall decline or neglect to choose a respectable resident merchant to join in such uppraisement, the collector shall make the selection necessary to the due execution of this uct, and the appraisement so made by them, or a ma`0rit of them, shall be valid and effectual in law: and the Secretary oflthe lfreasury shall have authority to direct the appraisers for any collection district to attend in any other district for the puspgse of appraising zany gooalf, wares, or merchandise, imported therein; un or such service they sha , res ectivel , receive at the rate of five dollar a day whilst engaged thereilh, and gt. the rate of five dollars for every twenty-five miles in going to, and rctuming from, such district;

   vvhxelé ¤l1&]l fo? 610 p;;t of the ealary provided for by this act. Ancl the

inn {mmm in rem emo the mt tate? is hereby authorized, lll the recess 0i the the m,,, of Senate, to appoint the appraisers of the smd ports, which appointment the Senate, Sec. shag] cougnug ig goree until the end of the next session of Congress. Merchants mc. . n e it urtherenacted, That an merchant who shall be

h°::;;;£°£k° chosen by the collectorfor by the party in interét, to make any appraise

dgglmng 0, ment require: u:de1L this morgnder any other act respecting imports and neglecting to tonnage, an w o s a l, r ue notice of such choice has been ivcn, fg:; °:fPJ;';;;° gecliuf Ol? negleeg to gesisg of such gupralsement, shall be suhjeclg to a d0Hu,S &c_ ne 0 no more an dollars, an ct e costso rosccutmn m nn court of the United State}; having cognisance of the salhe. y Whenever Sec. 11. And be if jlzrther enacted, That whenever', in the opinion

};:;;*21**3:: of the collector, there shall be just grounds to suspect that goods, wures,

impmcdpodl oy nuerchandnse, subject to an ad valorem duty, and imported into his subject in nd district, have been invoiced below the true value of such goods, wares,

‘;L‘;';;‘ 2“;
or merchandise, in their actual state of manufacture, at the place from

mood wow which they were imported, such collector shall direct the same to be apma me value, praised in the manner prescribed by the ninth section of this act; and if

 it the value at which the sgme shall be appraised shall exceed, by twenty-

,PPmmd_ five per oentum, the invoice prices thereof, then, in addition to the ten or twenty per cghtum, ais thefase mav ge, laid upon correct and regular invcuces according to aw, there shal e added lift er cent. on the a - praised value; on which aggregate amount the hulles on such goodie, wages, okmeachéuhdise, ; ha]l;e estimaéed. The nppniv EC. . n e it urt er enactc , That in all cases where the a -

&;;é’:h:‘;';k praised Value of any goods, wares, or merchandise, appraised under the,

nlug Wham it 01* any other act concerning imports and tonnage, shall exceed, by less exgeedsthe in- than twenty-five per eentum, the invoice value thereof, such appraised

 value ghall be considered the true value of such goods, wares, or mercenh stm chandxse, upon which the duty is to be estimated, with the addition of

sueh per centum as is by law required: but in all cases where the apprzused value shall be less than the invoice value, the duty shall be charged