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FlFTY¢SlXTH CONGRESS. Sess. ll. Ch. 864. 1901. 1441 Sec. 3. That the commissioners so appointed shall be called together —“‘Stm€€"“g· by the Secretary of State of the United States, in the city of Saint Louis, by notice to the commissioners, as soon as convenient after the a pointment of said commissioners, and within thirty days thereafter. 'lgie said commissioners, at said first meeting, shall organize by the election of their officers, and they may then, or thereafter, appoint such executive or other committees as may be deemed expedient, and a secretary at a salary of three thousand dollars per annum; that in vexpensesaddition to the salary of the secretary of said commission there is hereby allowed, out of any money appropriated to aid in carrying forward said exposition, the sum of ten thousand dollars per annum, or so much thereof as ma be necessary, for the purpose of defraying the clerical, office, and other necessary expenses of said commission. Sec. 4. That said commission, when fully organized under the pro- t_B<>¤r<i of arbitravisions of this Act, shall appoint two of their number to act in con- 1°H’p°wm’° °‘ junction with a like number appointed by the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company, to constitute a board of arbitration, to whom all matters of difference arising between said commission and said company, concerning the administration, management, or general supervision of said exposition, including all matters of difference arising out of the power given by this Act to the said company or to the said national commission to modify or approve any act of the other of the two bodies, shall be referred for dldtermination; and in the case of the failure of said board of arbitration to agree upon such matters as may be so referred, said board of arbitration shall a point a fifth member thereof; and in case of the failure of the said board to agree u on a fifth member, such fifth member shall then be appointed by the Secretary of the Treasury. And the decision of said board shall be final in all matters resented to it for consideration and determination. Sec. 5. 'Iihat said commission be empowered, in its discretion, to izggj1;*;1;=g¤;¤Q=;3?*lé<g;· accept, for the purposes of the exposition herein authorized, such site p `L ’ ` as may be selected and offered,·and such plans and specifications of buildings for such purpose at the expense of and tendered by the corporation organized under the laws of the State of Missouri, known as “The Louisiana Purchase Exposition Com any. " Sec. 6. That the allotment of space for exiiibitors, classification of E){·°¤§fi¤¤¤CP¤f¤h¤¤¤ exhibits, plan and scope of the exposition, the appointment of all or piiisiségiii-1,°ii»1§$JI$ié judges and examiners -for the exposition, and the awarding of °f· em premiums, if any, shall all be done and performed by the said Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company, subject, however, to the approval of the commission created by section two of this Act; and said com- Bwd Of My manmission is hereby authorized to appoint a board of lady managers, of agem such number and to perform such d)uties as may be prescribed by said commission, subject, however, to the approval of said company. Said board of lady managers may, in the discretion of said commission and corporation, appoint one member of all committees authorized to award prizes for such exhibits as may have been produced in whole or in §>art by female labor. Ec. 7. That after the plans for said exposition shall be prepared Gompnnywnxmes by said company and approved by said commission the rules and regu- M °“"“”°°’ em lations of said corporation governing rates for entrance and admission fees, or otherwise affecting the rights, privileges, or interests of the exhibitors, or of the public, shall be fixed or established by said company, subject, however, to the modification or approval of said commission. _ Sec. 8. That said commission shall provide for the dedication of _ Opening and cms the buildings of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, in said city of Saint mg °f °xp°Sm°“‘ Louis, not later than the thirtieth day of April, nineteen hundred and three, with appropriate ceremonies, and thereafter said exposition shall be opened to visitors at such time as may be designated by said von xxx1———91