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FIFTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. RES. 5, 7. 1901. 1461 equal parts, is hereby appropriated to enable the Commissioners of the District of Columbia to maintain public order and rotect life and proplerty in said District from the twenty-eighth of %`ebruary to the nint of March, nineteen hundred and one, both inclusive. Said R¤g¤1¤¤1¤¤¤- Commissioners are hereby authorized and directed to make all reasonable regulations necessary to secure such preservation of public order and protection of life and property and fixing fares by public convey- ance during said period. Any person violatin any of such re rula- ·P¤¤¤“Y· tions shall be liab e for each such offense to a gne not to exceed one hundred dollars in the police court of said District, and in default of payment thereof to imprisonment in the workhouse of said District for not lon er than sixty days. A Sec. 4. That the Secretary of War and the Secretary of the Navy fo}·g*;’g0Q;d§l”ég*· *’°°·· ‘ be, and they are hereby, authorized to loan to the committee on ` inau ural ceremonies such ensigns, Bags, and so forth (except battle Bagsi that are not now in use and may be suitable and proper for decoration and may be spared without detriment to the pub ic service, such Bags to be used by said committee under such regulations and restrictions as may be prescribed by the said Secretaries, or either of them, in decorating the fronts of public buildings and other places on the line of march between the Capitol and the Executive Mansion, and the interior of the rece tion hall: Provided, That the said committee _{;;gg'{*§§§ for dam shall indemnify the said) Departments, or either of them, for any loss asc. or damage to such Bags not necessarily incident to such use. SEC, 5. That the Commissioners of the District of Columbia be, and g,§,‘§,§“,§§;;’Y ‘°‘°‘ they are hereby, authorized to permit the Western Union Telegraph Companpand the Postal Telegraph Company to extend overhead wires into the ension building and to such oints along the line of parade as shall be deemed by the chief marshallconvenient for use in connection with the parade and other inaugural purposes, the said wires to be ""m°"“l °‘· _ taken down within ten days after the conclusion of the ceremonies on the fourth day of March, anno Domini nineteen hundred and one. . Sec. 6. That the Commissioners of the District of Columbia are m};f*(§,¤&§*}j€{SQ)°;%j hereby authorized to issue to steam railroad companies in said District mus. permits to temporarily occupy additional parts of streets for the purpose of accommodating the traveling public attending the inaugural ceremonies in March, nineteen hundred and one: Provided, That such _£?[n*Q”g*j)§·t,me tem orary occupation shall not exceed the period of fifteen days, and ` shall) be subject to conditions prescribed by said Commissioners: Provided farther, That no temporary tracks shall be laid upon or over any age of Parks forbid of the parks of the city.' Approved, January 22, 1901. [No. 7.] Joint Resolution To enable the Secretary of the Senate and Clerk of the February 8.1901- House of Re resentatives to pay the necessary expenses of the inaugural ceremonies "`°"—‘—` of the President of the United States March fourth, nineteen hundred and one. I Resobved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States og America in Congress assembled, That to enable the Secretary Pr{,;gg_;‘,§“;§jc?°" °‘ of the enate and Clerk of the House of Representatives to pay the Apprepriapcéx fgr necessary expenses of the inaugural ceremonies of the President of the 2§}?€”S°S ° er °‘ United States March fourth, nineteen hundred and one, in accordance with such ro ramme as may be adopted by a Joint Committee of the Senate and} I·§>use of Representatives, to be appointed under a concurrent resolution of the two Houses, including. the pay for extra police for three days, at three dollars per day, there is hereby appropriated, A out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, seven thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may_ be necessary, the same to be immediately available. Approved, February 8, 1901.